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Mick Dawson

Message from Mick Dawson on Container Vessel Hanjin Philadelphia on route to Long Beach California.
Dear everyone,
As I am sure you all by now know, my voyage across the North Pacific was sadly brought to a premature end due to a capsize on 22nd of August. I am sorry not to have been able to update you before now but this has not been possible. Hopefully the press reports, web page, Ocean Rowing Society, along with Steve and Michelle will have kept you all abreast of events.
I am very grateful to have survived what was an incredibly dangerous situation but at the same time bitterly disappointed not to have been able to complete for you all the most amazing trip you could imagine. Whatever expectations I had of the voyage, and I had many, I can assure you they were exceeded by a long way. The North Pacific is without doubt the most spectacularly beautiful, breathtaking and at the same time terrifying environment you can imagine. It tested me to and at times beyond my
limits, but the rewards were immense, I cannot even begin to describe the experiences I had on route here (Good and Bad) but I hope to in good time.

I had many plans for the future the other side of a successful crossing to San Francisco, which had finally seemed within reach as I was approaching the last third of the crossing, and I hope that some of them will be still achievable despite this disappointing conclusion. Nothing about the trip at any time no matter how tough or impossible it sometimes seemed to be
changed my opinion that this is one of the last great adventures on the planet, nor my belief that I could complete it, and my only regret is that I had to leave behind the 50 or 60 hours of incredible video footage in the upturned hull of Mrs D.
Beyond that I can only repeat my thanks for the superb professionalism of the United States Coast guard and the Master of Hanjin Philadelphia, Captain Peter Winter and his crew, without who's assistance I would simply not now be here.
Despite the disappointing ending I hope I demonstrated by my actions throughout the crossing that I was worthy of your support and the immense privilege of making this attempt,
Best wishes,
Mick Dawson.

PS. Throughout the voyage there was a song I discovered on the Discs Steve compiled that pulled me through some of the tough times on route (Can you believe not Dean Martin or The Beautiful South). It was a song by Divine Comedy Called appropriately "Charmed life".
The lyrics as I remember them go something like:

Sometimes life is like being afloat on a raging sea in a little row boat
with the waves just trying to wash you over board.
But if you take you chances and ride your luck and never, never, never,
never, never give up,
those waves will see you to a friendly shore.

More than ever this seems to have relevance now and I hope by my presence now you can all see that I "never" did give up.




Today, August 23, 2004 at 06:10GMT both EPIRB and Argos beacon onboard “Mrs D’s Viking Spirit” were activated. Coast Guard in Juneau Alaska have requested that German ship
 ‘Hanjin Philadelphia’ go to the assistance of Mick Dawson. Rendezvous is expected at approx 14:00GMT.

Lt Asheley Bodkin Duty officer at US Coastguard Juneau Alaska said: "Right now we have a HC 130 flying over Mr. Dawson, he has no communications, the C 130 dropped him a VHF radio but he could not reach it.
The "Hanjin Philidelphia" is expected on scene in 1 hour".

13:42GMT  I spoke to Lt Asheley Bodkin, but she said "Nothing new to report"

Mick is rescued !!! He is safe on board the ship.



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July 9th 2004

Message from Mick !!!

At last there came a message from Mick, delivered through skipper named Shakhid from a passing  Bangladeshi vessel.

Unfortunately Mick’s phone hand-set appears to have stopped working, so there’s going to be no more phone/text messages to Mick. But he will use any chance to stay in touch through any ship he may meet.

First of all Mick says “HI!” and wants everyone to know that he is still out there, doing fine and enjoying his row. Whales and dolphins keep coming to visit him, so Mick is having  good company. And his spirits is high, in spite of bad weather he is recently encountering.

‘See you in San Francisco the first weeks of October!’ were his parting words to Captain Shakhid to be passed on to friends and family.

Steve Dawson

May 10th 2004.
 Mick is making excellent progress despite the storm which hit Sunday through to Tuesday morning.  He is in great spirits and enjoying the peace and quiet!!

Two whales have stayed with Mick since the start through the day and night, great during the day when he can see where they are, not so sure about the night time visits when only able to hear where they are.

Any messages for Mick please send to solopacific@hotmail.com

Mick is looking at 5 days of clear weather now to try and keep up the good mileage whilst remaining in the Kurishio current.


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