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Mick`s present situation.

June 15th 2003
Row abandoned,  patrol Boat "ZAO" picked up Mick Dawson and "Mrs D"

"A short time ago I spoke to Mick. He was picked up by the Japanese coastguard at 19:00 GMT June 14th, "MRS D" was safely hoisted onboard. They are now on their way back to Japan. 

Mick does want to clarify that the problem was down to kit failure. He was never in any danger, just unable to continue.

After talking with the coastguard it was decided the most sensible course of action
would be for them to pick him up and recover the boat. Mick is obviously very disappointed, but is now taking stock of the situation. His spirits are high, and he wants to thank everybody for their calls and support".

Steve Dawson.

June 14th 2003 
Patrol Boat "ZAO" of MRCC SHIOGAMA of Japan Coast Guard proceeding to MrsD to recover Mr. Mick Dawson.

"I have spoken to Mick and he is obviously devastated but otherwise well. The rudder mountings on "MRS D" have been damaged during a storm yesterday, the broken mountings have also caused some damage to the hull. Mick has assessed the situation and it is impossible to continue. He has spoken to the Japanese coastguard, and they are on their way to pick him up. Mick is in no immediate danger, and has not activated his EPIRB." 

Steve Dawson


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