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'The Golden Gate Endeavour'

This year I intend to row solo across the North Pacific Ocean, from Japan to the United States. Sadly it will be without my brother Steve who crossed the Atlantic last year with me in our boat ‘Mrs D.’ Steve has taken a selfless decision, rare amongst ocean rowers and all the more admirable for that, to put other people first; in this case - his young family, and not ask them to sit at home worrying, during a trip that could easily take six months to complete.

Chris Marett, a great friend and one of the few people capable of standing in for Steve immediately offered to fill the other seat. However as with Mick Birds letter on this site, I knew, beyond question, as soon as Steve decided not to undertake the Pacific, that I would be going alone. It is a measure of Chris’s friendship and character that he understands that decision and accepts it in good heart. I look forward to a lifetime of ‘stick,’ in the event of failure about that decision from Chris.

My aim is to row from Choshi in Japan to the ‘Golden Gate Bridge’ in San Francisco. I hope, in doing so, to complete the voyage that Royal Marines Tim Welford and Dom Mee so nearly completed in 2001, before their luck took a cruel turn and a ‘Long liner’ crippled their vessel, hitting her amidships. I know that if I approach things with the same levels of professionalism and sense of humour, with a touch of good luck I’ll get to have a beer with them both in California.

Wish me luck and rest assured with fair winds following seas and an ample supply of ‘Dean Martin’ on board ‘Mrs D’ and I will be looking to join them and many others for a beer in San Francisco.

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