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March 22 2003

Dunlicky Castle


At 11.00 am a helicopter from the Irish Coast Guard flew over the site of the monument to Ocean rowers. At the same time the Kilkee rescue boat was standing by in salute.

Tom Byrne Chairman of the Kilkee Trust welcomed the families of Peter Bird and Nenad Belic as well as those gathered for the dedication. In his remarks Tom Byrne said, that Kilkee was pleased to be the place that has the only memorial in the world to those oceanrowers lost at sea. (click here for full text)

The brother of David Johnstone (Andrew) and his wife sent flowers that were delivered to the monument.

Photos by Tatiana Rezva-Crutchlow

L>R Tom Byrne, President of Kilkee Civic Trust; Louis Bird, Peter's son and children of Tom Byrne.

(L>R) Ivan, the youngest brother of Nenad Belic and Adrian, Nenad's son.

Joan Bird, mother of Peter, and Peter's neice Lucy.

Tony Bird, Peter's brother