The ORS Int. is the official adjudicator of ocean rowing records for Guinness World Records


Martin Cruickshank (Croatia) & Fenella McAlister (UK)

Sagres, Portugal - Barbados. 2015


Martin Cruickshank: In January, and by pure chance, Martin picked up a book called Salt, Sweat, Tears. Before he was halfway through the book he was hooked on the idea of ocean rowing and determined to have a go at the Atlantic himself. In February, he was in Spain shaking hands on the purchase of a second-hand plywood boat from Andreu Mateu. Finding crew was harder than he expected until his sister, Fenella, stepped up to the mark. Ten months of planning, preparation, help and advice from the ORS (Tatiana, Kenneth, Dmitry and Pavlo) has passed in a blur and what seemed like a daunting challenge in January remains just that - a daunting challenge! But now, with only days to go before launching, there is no doubt that what lies ahead will be an incredible adventure, whatever the outcome.

Fenella McAlister: Not being able to let my little brother embark on such an undertaking on his own I couldn't turn down the offer to share this adventure with him and test myself with a totally new challenge. I don't even like the sea, but I'm intrigued to see what it'll be like surfing waves in a 7m wooden boat with tiredness and monotony even greater challenges.

The vast horizons and star-filled skies may occasionally prompt us to discuss the meaning of life but the entire adventure will give us the thrill of living life.

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