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Amyr (Khan) Klink


Born in São Paulo (São Paulo State, Brazil) in September 25 1955, of Lebanese father and Swedish mother, started to go to the Paraty Region (Rio de Janeiro state) from the age of 2. This old traditional Brazilian city, old colonial port, inspired him to travel around the world.

As a child Amyr develops a taste for reading and a fascination for old maps. Alongside his interest for Brazilian Poetry and French Literature, his love for the tales of the great maritime explores - like Roald Amundsen — and their explorations, that lead to the discovery of the continents, sea routes and the poles, started fuelling his dreams of and gave him the stimuli for future projects.

Collector of old canoes since 1965, helped found the National Sea Museum (Museu Nacional do Mar) in São Francisco do Sul (Santa Catarina state).

Economist (graduated from the University of São Paulo USP), with a masters in Management at the University of Mackenzie.

In the sporting field, rowed at the Clube Espéria from 1974 to 1980. In 1978 canoed from Santos to Paraty single handed, and from Paraty to Santos (1980) in catamaran, Salvador-Santos again in catamaran in 22 days; sailed from Salvador to Fernando de Noronha — French Guyana (1982), investigating the tides for the next project, the single-handed crossing of the Southern Atlantic in a rowing boat.

Motored more than two thousands kilometers in a small boat in Amazonia, following the course of the rivers Negro and Madeira. Drove a motorbike to Patagonia, and climbed the Andes, crisscrossing the entire territory of Chile at the age of 19.

In 1984 Amyr, then 28, accomplished the first single-handed crossing of the South Atlantic in a rowing boat, journey that he wrote about in his book “Gem dias entre céu e mar” (One hundred days between the sky and the sea).
He left from Bahia de Luderitz, Namibia June 9th 1984 and in 101 days, in September 18th arrived to Paria de Espera, Brazil. Thus he became the first person to row the Atlantic from continent to continent solo, and the only one to row from mainland Africa to the South America.

In 1986 started the preparatory journey to Antarctica and Cape Horn, aboard the polar sailing vessel “Rapa Nui”.

In December 1989 started the Project “Invernagem Antarctica em Solitário” Staying a winter in Antarctica Alone, sailing aboard the sailing vessel “Paratii”, making more than 27.000 miles sailing from Antarctica to the Arctic, in 642 days. The books “Paratii - Entre dois polos” (Paraty —~ Between the two Poles) and the “As Janelas do Paratii” (The Windows of Paratii) recall and illustrate this project.

In 1992 took part in the project “Faróis do Brasil - Navegaçao terrestre da Costa Brasileira’ (Lighthouses of Brazil - land navigation of the Brazilian Coast), teaming up with Klever Kolberg and André Azevedo. In 1993 traveled again the Brazilian Coast, but this time flying a delta wing with engine.

Married in 1996 to Marina Bandeira, they have two twin daughters Tamara and Laura, born in 1997 and Marininha, born in 2000.

In January 1997 went back to Antarctica, this time as adviser of a filming crew to shoot images of icebergs climbers.

In October 31st started the project “Antarctica 360”, sailing the toughest circumnavigation: the circum-navigation of the frozen continent. For 79 days Amyr faced alone icebergs in the most temperamental seas of the planet. These adventures are on the pages of the “Mar sem Fim” (The Sea Without End).

For the last 8 years Amyr dedicated himself to the project and construction of his new sailing boat, the Paratii 2. Conceived in the same lines of the Seamaster (old Antarctica), this vessel was conceived by Amyr to be a working platform. With extremely simple solutions, Amyr, this time with a crew, wants to take the Paratii 2 sailing around the world via a non conventional route: through the Northwest Passage (Artic), visiting China, and returning to Brazil in 2005.

Amyr speaks at workshops and seminars for companies, schools, universities, institutions and associations, on themes like strategic planning, risk management quality and team work.

Amyr received several awards, among others:

Bienal Brasileira de Design (Brazilian Design Biennale),
Risk Manager of the Year -Brazilian Risk Managers’ Association, 1994
“Tilman Medal”, Royal Cruising Club, I 993 – 1st Staying in Antarctica Alone. “Tillman Medal”, Royal Cruising Club, 2000 – 1st Around Antarctica
The Best of Marketing — insurance I 993 — FENASEG Workshop “AK-Paratii” - Nacional Seguros


For more information about Amyr Klink - http://www.amyrklink.com.br/

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