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     LINKS to the sites of ORS Members - current rows and future endevours

Le Connétable      

Site of Anne Quemere, who  is rowing Atlantic W - E  to become the first woman to row an ocean solo in both directions (English/French)

Golden Gate Endevour  2004      

May 6th 2004 Mick Dawson left Japan. 4 - 6 months later he will have travelled almost 6000 miles and be rowing under the Golden Gate Bridge.nFollow Mick Dawson's every stroke of the way


Mark Stubbs, Peter Bray, John Wills and Jonathan Gornall  will set off from St John's in Newfoundland, Canada, at the end of June 2004, aiming to arrive off the Isles of Scilly between 35-40 days later, and then immediately set a course for Falmouth.

Emmanuel Coindre      

 Emmanuel Coindre - crossing the Atlantic E-W and then W-E  (French/English)


 George Rock, Steve Dawson, Nigel Morris and Robert Munslow, -  will set off from Newfoundland, Canada in June 2005 and intend to finish in Falmouth less than 55 days later

T. A. R. T.  

Trans-Atlantic Rowing Team 2005 (four)


LINKS to the sites of OCEAN ROWERS


Site of French Ocean Rowers (FR)


Site of WoodVale Atlantic Rowing Races              


Meet the crew from Dartmouth -     Shaun Barker  Phil Langman   Jason Hart  Yorkie Lomas,  who became the first  Ocean Fours to row across the Atlantic                   


In January 2004 the first ever team of mother and daughter - Sally and Sarah Kettle - set off from La Gomera to row 3000 miles across the Atlantic...  And they made it!

         Richard Wood - entrant in the ORSARR 2004              


James Doust and Nigel Gower,                               The  RowTheAtlantic2003 team and their competing in the inaugural Ocean Rowing Society Atlantic Rowing Regatta 2004 



website of John Peck and Fraser Dodds "Overseas Adventures"- gain insight into the personalities of two men who undertook this enormous task



Henry Dale  and Justin Coleman (retired) entrants in the the Ocean Rowing Society’s 3000 mile Rowing Regatta across the Atlantic - ORSARR 2004  

MOOOOOOOSE!Moose on the Move -Atlantic Row Attempt 2004          Louis Ginglo - entrant in the ORSARR 2004 - the first Canadian to row an ocean, in his boat MOOSE ON THE MOVE.


Stuart Boreham   the first person with cerebral palsy to row the Atlantic single-handed

The Two Oceans Rowing Challenge  

 Graham Walters - The crossing of two oceans, the      A          Atlantic and Pacific by a single handed rowboat


Mark Mortimer - crossing the Atlantic in double (1997) and an attempt to row  solo in ORSARR 2004                                  


 Rob Abernethy and Mike Noel-Smith - in an attempt to become the first double ocean rowboat to complete the passage from Australia to Reunion Island (2003)


 Anne Quemere - the fastest female's crossing of The Atlantic E-W (French/English) 2003


Pages of Theodore Rezvoy - row across Atlantic E-W in 2001 - ENG / RUS


Page of  Norman Buttler - row across Atlantic E-W in 2001


             Rowing NZ Online

 2001 WEARC Race, 2 NZ Crews of Matt Goodman with Steve Westlake and Jude Ellis with Steph Brown

  The story of the only American entry in  the 2001 WEARC race -        Tom Mailhot and John Zeigler

In May 2001 Royal Marine Commandos Tim Welford & Dominic (Dom) Mee set out to row the North Pacific...



Follow Diana and Stein Hoff's voyage on the White Admiral!



Debra Veal - from rowing the Atlantic to TV programm



Experience Adventure with Tom McClean. Tom, who twice rowed the Atlantic W-E single handed, knows a thing or two about adventure.


Ocean Rower  Dom Mee took on the North West Passage, following Sir John Ross's expedition of 1829 in a folding Klepper kayak (2003)

                  Stelph Racing  

 Ocean Rowing Society member and Atlantic Rower Peter  Hogden has a new website for his custom sculls.


The Race to the North Magnetic Pole organised by a team led by British Adventurers Jock Wishart (an ocean rower) and David Hempleman-Adams (2003)




EXPLORERSWEB. COM — expeditions to three extreme targets on the Planet: Everest and K", Arctica and Antarctica, World Ocean        New Rowing Information from Around the World

The official world rowing website

Portal of extreme adventures (RUS)

This website chronicles adventures and profile adventurers. if you are a person  who frequently thinks or says "Oh man, my ass is wet," then you are probably outside a lot, engaged in challenging, intense, asswetting adventures. In other words, having a wet ass, despite the discomfort, means you are having a hell of a time

A  V  A  N  T  U  R  E

Les Ecrans de l'Aventure - Dijon International Festival of Adventure Film. Every year in October, share the Great Adventure and travel around-the-world with the Festival  (ENG)   (FR)

Les Ecrans de l'Aventure    Extreme world (formerly "Sector") of sports, adventure, travel and science. In Italian with online translation into English

OnStream  Latest Rowing News from The Rowing Service



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