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Prospectus and part terms


                                                                                                                                                         Photo by Hermione Macfarlane

La Mondiale heading for the finish line in her world record breaking voyage Barbados 2008
 You can be part of this historic boat's illustrious crew list.




Ocean Rowing Events (ORE) are seeking 11 crew members for a quite extraordinary once in a lifetime Expedition as well as one of the last great challenges out there: Rowing the Atlantic. As you will have gathered from the crew numbers this is no ordinary rowing boat but in fact Ocean Rowing Events owns the most expensive rowing boat ever built. Designed to carry a maximum of 14 Rower ‘La Mondiale’ is quite unique. Costing over £120,000 to build as a bare hull in 1991. Since acquiring the boat in 2006 Ocean Rowing Events has spent a further £150,000 rebuilding and refitting her and plans more work to further improve the efficiency of the hull.

The boat Set the Rowing Speed Record in 1992 taking the bar down to an incredible 35 days 8 hours and 30 minutes. In 2008 with a 14 strong British and Irish Crew this boat went ever faster setting the fastest time ever recorded to traverse any ocean of 33 days 7 Hours and 30 minutes.

Now it could be your turn to row the Atlantic in the worlds fastest Ocean Rowing Boat.


The Boat


Made of composite, sandwich epoxy under vacuum, with carbon oars, 8 rowing and 6 sleeping positions.

Designed by: Luc Poupon & Nordahl Mabire

Built at: VMG (Ouistreham) 1991

• Reconstructed by: ORS Int. technical team - 2007

Lenght: 15.50 m

Beam: 2.80 m

Weight unladen: 639 kg

Weight fully laden: 3 900 kg


The Organiser/Skipper


Leven Brown;

Leven rowed the Atlantic E-W in the 2005/6 season in his boat ‘Atlantic  Wholff’ and is responsible for putting this new Expedition together. He was the first rower to conquer the notorious Bay of Cadiz and holds a Guinness World Record for being the First from Mainland Spain to the West Indies.

In 2007/8 Leven skippered the 14 strong British and Irish team to a historic victory against a smaller faster American challenger and set a new world record for the fastest row ever recorded across any ocean. The Previous record stood for 16 years and over 60 attempts were made to break it. With La Mondiale he also holds world records for the longest distance rowed in 24h and the most consecutive days over 100 miles.


Conditions aboard


Conditions aboard will not be comfortable, in fact far from it. You will be sleeping with up to six other very smelly men! Sleep depravation, slow starvation (as your body will not be able to keep up with the amount of calories you are burning), trepidation and seasickness are common place.
During the first week at sea your body will go into a form of shock as it adjusts to the new environment and unrelenting nature of the duties. Some successful applicants may never have been outside the sight of land before.
There will be a shift pattern and duty roster. Every man will do their part and must agree to do their duty from the beginning there are no exceptions. The boat is to be kept orderly and clean at all times and each crew member has a hand in this.
Weight is of paramount importance. You should only bring the bare basics your personal kit may not exceed 15kgs – including your clothes and sleeping arrangements.

There will be bad weather on the crossing at some stage and there is a chance we may be involved in a hurricane. The risks of this crossing are not for the faint hearted nor for those who are quick to complain.


The Crew


The boat is a very small environment. With a dozen folk aboard there is only room for those who fully qualify for their place on the crew … and more. There is no room for hot headedness or unacceptable behaviour. As individuals we must always think of others first. Pain, fear and fatigue are free of charge and are part of the daily routine – you will not be alone in your feelings we will all be in the same boat. The culture on the boat will be positive, pragmatic, hard working and a lot of fun too. There is no support boat, there is one liferaft as a last resort! Once we start we cannot turn back for any reason, as wind and current will prevent us from doing so.

For anybody who thinks that rowing an ocean is a physical activity, you are about half right. It is also all about keeping your mind functioning properly and everybody must approach this project with the attitude of giving more than you receive and helping more than you are helped.

The crew will be chosen for good character in fitting with other members of the crew and stamina – probably in that order as we can build the latter but not the former! This being said each member of the crew must pass certain physical milestones and be in good shape by the middle of the year. It is essential the Crew blends as a team and that we have no whingers!

It is Taking Responsibility not Allocating Blame
It is Quiet Confidence not Arrogance It is self reliance and tolerance
It is helping others but not ignoring yourself
It is having the courage to follow your dreams but having the humility to follow an order.
It is about learning from mistakes
It is direction and unwavering determination
It is having a sense of humour and being able to find the good in any bad situation.
It is knowing yourself and knowing that all glory is fleeting and all adversity dissolves.

If you can read through the above and see yourself, then please apply. If not then Oceanrowing is simply not for you. Please consider carefully what you are taking on. Ten times as many people have summitted Everest than have rowed across an ocean and should tell you all you need to know about how difficult it can be.

You join this team entirely at your own risk and of your own freewill. You will sustain injuries on the voyage and bear in mind that some stress injuries may be with you for the rest of your life, people sometimes die in our sport so you must carry your own insurance to cover yourself for all eventualities during the expedition. Ocean Rowing Events, The Expedition nor any of the Staff or volunteers will not accept any responsibility for any injury or death sustained on the training events, the expedition, nor for any ongoing injuries or issues resulting from your participation. If you do not carry insurance then you must fully understand that the responsibility for your well being before during and after is entirely your own. You will have to sign a document reflecting this to be formally accepted.

This being said we will do everything we can to ensure your safety and prevent injuries – Your safety is our no1 priority.


The Route


The Route will take us from Puerto Mogan in Grand Canaria over to Barbados in the West Indies. It should be noted however that if weather is against us making Barbados may not be an option in which case we will set course for any available/feasible port – likely to be a neighbouring Island.




Every effort will be made to keep you safe however it cannot be overlooked that you are entering a sport not without risk. You will be trained and  allocated tasks to help with the security of the boat. If you perform your tasks and stick to the safety guidelines all will be well.

You must attend a sea survival course to be accepted.
We have the ARGOS tracking system (contains a distress and location facilities) and a satellite phone link. An EPIRB beacon with a GPS function is
included in our itinery alongside a cutting edge and world class medical kit – we can even deal with appendicitis on the boat.

The Team’s job is to keep you functioning at the top of your game and for you to contribute to others in keeping them at the top of their game.




The Schedule is tight as we are aiming to leave in late November/early December 2008. This is subject to weather.

You will need to book two months out of your schedule for the main event and five long weekends on the build up for sea trials/courses.

Structured Training Weekends and Sea Trials are available.

A regular Newsletter and training schedule will be made available.

Recommended kit lists will be provided.




All important and of course at the end!

The ‘Crewing’ fee for this epic row is £15,000 – this is much less expensive than launching your own campaign and is much less hassle. All you have to do is get in shape and turn up!

Places are allocated on a first come first served basis to those who pass the informal ‘interview’ process. The fee can be paid in instalments but this must be done by arrangement. There is a £1500 non returnable deposit which must be put down to secure your place – there are only 11 spaces so book early to avoid disappointment. In the event where you decide to pull out, or if (in the unlikely event) you prove to be unsuitable, or are unable to row for any reason your fee will only be refunded if you and/or we can find a paying replacement for you.

It almost goes without saying, but, there will also be a very large party at the Finish! Not to mention you are buying our own little enclave in history and the trip that will stay with you for the rest of your days.




The crossing will be conducted within Ocean Rowing Society Rules and in conjunction with Guinness World Records (Just in case we get a good run!).

A Guinness World Record certificate will be yours to put on the bathroom wall if the record is broken. We will however be taking an engine in case of emergencies which will be sealed.

You will hopefully have read through everything carefully. Now the rest is up to you. If you are willing an able to row an ocean this is one of the most cost effective and enjoyable ways to do it. It is something to tell the grandchildren about and something you will have for the rest of your days – not to mention a nice addition to any CV !

If you only wish to attend the Structured Training and the Sea Trials all you need to do is pay the deposit amount +VAT.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard.


Some Photo’s (to follow)


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General Notes


Places on the boat will be allocated on a First come first served basis subject to meeting the crewing requirements, approvals and the paying of your Crewing Fee.

There are only 11 places available but we will be taking 20 names. This is simply to assure the project of robustness in catering for any unforeseen attrition within the crew prior to departure. After the 11 places are filled the others will be put on ‘Standby’. Those on Standby, if called upon, must be ready to go at short notice and should train as they are part of the crew.

Should you have/be asked to withdraw from the squad for any reason the Crewing fee is refundable (Minus your £1500 deposit) subject to finding a replacement for your place under the terms discussed previously in this document. If we cannot replace your berth regretfully you will lose your fee to the Expedition. We realise this could potentially be quite harsh especially given the nature of the circumstances under which one may have to pull out but our primary concern it to look after the bulk of the crew and the Expedition.

Crewing fees must be paid at the earliest convenience – If you haven’t paid in full then your place is not secure and you may lose out to someone else.

Demand for seats in this boat is very high. On our last voyage we had over 200 applicants of 14 places.

For the avoidance of doubt the crewing fee does not include Flights and Accommodation. ORE will provide details of suitable flights and accommodation and will seek to provide discounts due to the number of us going/staying. Food and drink whilst not on the boat must also be paid for individually with the exception of the Arrival party.

During training weekends you may be expected to make a small contribution towards food/drink/kitty for volunteers.




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