The ORS Int. is the official adjudicator of ocean rowing records for Guinness World Records


Squadron leader D.H. (Nobby) Clarke,
keeper of sailing and ocean rowing records for 40 years,
 is upset with the BBC.

October 28 2006

Nobby (as his friends call him) called me yesterday and said:
'Hello, my dear boy. what's the matter with the BBC? Don't they have a list of sailing records?'
I asked 'What's up Nobby?'
He said 'Robin Knox Johnson was not the first to sail around the world solo as they declared him'
see for details.
Nobby said 'they' always leave off the one word that would make their statement accurate. If they had said 'Robin was the first to sail around the World solo NON STOP' then it would be accurate.

As per our internet quiz just completed, it is 1 word (or a couple of letters) that could make all the difference in who was the all important 'First'.
Tom McClean was 'the first to row the Atlantic solo'  so long as you include ''West to East'. Without this he was not 'the first'.

On Maud's website it says ' Maud... set off to beat Dee Caffari's round the world time'. Being as Maud will not cross the equator once and Dee crossed it twice, Maud would be expected to be faster no matter what. Maud is on a completely different course from Dee, thousands of miles shorter.

In the ocean rowing world we are familiar with the same kind of statements. As an example the distance from Newfoundland, Canada is almost 1000 miles shorter than it is from the USA and of course would be expected to be faster. So to row from Newfoundland, Canada and claim the record for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic without saying "from Canada" would not be an accurate statement.

Nobby then said to me 'You must keep these records up, my boy. It takes a lot of work but someone must do it or the real records become worthless'.

I promised him I would do my best to keep the ocean rowing records at least as accurate as we possibly can.

Kenneth F.Crutchlow