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Kenneth F. Crutchlow

Kenneth Frank CRUTCHLOW
London, March 18th 1944 - London, January 17th 2016

1958 - 1965 Active member of Gladstone Warwick Rowing Club, London.
1965 Lived in and was an active rowing member of Thames Rowing Club, London .
1965 Started 7 years hitch-hiking journey around the world visiting 60 countries. 
1969 As a stringer/reporter for "Daily Sketch" (NY office) greeted John Fairfax in Hollywood Beach Florida for arrival of the first solo row across an ocean. 

Arranged for display of "Britannia" at Buffalo New York County Fair.
1969 Entrant in Race from Top of Empire State Building (New York) to top of GPO Tower (London).
1970 Drove across the country from New York to Los Angeles and then rode a bicycle from Glendale, Los Angeles to Mexico City - 1755 miles (2824 km)
1972 Arrived San Francisco to live there for next 30 years (residence still maintained in Santa Rosa, CA).
1974 Coordinated San Francisco departure of the first row across the Pacific Ocean by John Fairfax and Sylvia Cook (GB).
1974 The first person to run across Death Valley (the hottest place on earth, in August - 130 degrees), from Jubilee Pass to Scotties Castle.
1975 Swam from Alcatraz to San Francisco at Christmas time. 
1976 Rode a bicycle from London to Dundee Scotland, swam the Firth of Fourth (river in Scotland) and run to Edinburgh.
1977 The first person to run 500 miles from Los Angeles to San Francisco.
1979 Rode bicycle from San Francisco to Ketchikan, Alaska.
1980 Rode bicycle across Death Valley from Badwater to Las Vegas, Nevada.
1981 Ran from Badwater in Death Valley - the lowest point in Continental US, to top of Mt. Whitney - the highest point in USA.
1982 Sponsored and coordinated Peter Bird's (GB) row from San Francisco to Australia.

Associate producer of the film called "The Longest Row".
1983 With Peter Bird founded the Ocean Rowing Society in San Francisco, CA.
1984 Film "The Longest Row" won Grand Prix prize at La Plan (France) Adventure Film Festival.
1985 Became Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, London.
1987 Assisted HMG in the release of British citizen Richard Knight from Vietnamese prison in Hanoi.
1988 Assisted Thai Government in release of two Thai fishermen (arrested with Richard Knight) from Vietnamese prison in Hanoi.
1989 Entrant with Mick Cerre of Globe TV in "The Human Race" - a scavenger hunt race around the world, San Francisco - San Francisco.
1991 - 2000 Technical support of Sector No Limits programme and coordinator of rows of Peter Bird (GB), Tori Murden (USA), Peggy Bouchet (France), Elisabeth Hoff (Norway).
1991 Among the first westerners into Vladivostok (it was a closed city) to plan Peter Bird's row from Vladivostok to San Francisco.
1992 - 1996 Present 5 times in Vladivostok for start of Peter Bird's Pacific Ocean Rows.
1997 Formally registered Ocean Rowing Society in London; 

launched the Ocean Rowing Society web-site (credit and thanks to the American Director of the ORS - Tom Lynch); 

was present to record Port St. Charles Ocean Rowing Race from Tenerife to Barbados, highlighted on the Ocean Rowing Society web-site; 

established Peter Bird Trophy For Tenacity and Perseverance at the annual Dijon International Adventure Film Festival.
1998 - 2001 Writing book "Ocean Rowers" (with Steve Boga, USA); 

directly involved in projects of several ocean rowers (besides Sector No Limits team), such as Andrew Halsey (GB), Richard Jones (USA)
2001 Present to record Ward Evans Ocean Rowing Race from Tenerife to Barbados.

Coordinated row of Theodore Rezvoy (Ukraine)
2002 Coordinated row of Fedor Konyukhov (Russia).
2003 Involvement in projects of Anne Quemere (France) and Martin Wood (GB).

Coordination of the project of Theodore Rezvoy (Ukraine); 

Launching  new design of ORS ocean rowboat ("Ukraine", "Queensgate", "Macmillan Spirit")

2004 Organizing ORSARR 2004 - Ocean Rowing Society Atlantic Rowing Regatta from La Gomera to Barbados, commemorating 35 years of the first solo row across the Atlantic Ocean by John Fairfax.

Involvement in projects of Stuart Boreham (GB), Pavel Rezvoy (Ukraine), Andreas Rommel (Germany), Anne Quemere (France), Brett Sparrow (Zimbabwe) and Scott Wonenberg (USA), Alex Bellini (Italy)

Organizing ( together with Julian McHardy) The Second ORS Black Tie Dinner ( 120 attendees) at The Army and Navy Club

2007, 2008, 2011

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