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31 March 2001

Mick Bird (Pacific rower)

Hey Kenneth,
If you can get word to Jim, tell him bravo for me please. He is an inspiration to all rowers and to the world.
Mick Bird

Janice Meek and Daniel Byles (Atlantic rowers)

Dear Jim,
so glad you achieved your goal.
I feel so proud of you and a little envious, I am the mum the Jan from mother and son team, Jan and Dan, who rowed the Atlantic three years ago. I think about and remember the highs and lows of our adventure so often, and following your adventure brought it all back. Your achievement was bigger, more exciting, everything we experienced the beauty, the joy, the pain, the boredom, the despair, the triumph, you have achieved threefold.
Congratulations! We are right up there with you
Jan and Dan

Dom Mee

Dear Jim, 
I salute you on your amazing achievement, you also got some great coverage back home. I hope you are enjoying time with your wife and daughters you deserve it. It is strange seeing you arrive and knowing that in a month Tim and I will be starting our row from Japan. I hope Tim and I can build on your success and complete the northern route, for then Britain will truly rule the waves. All that I can say is you are a legend and an inspiration. With the kindest regards
Dom Mee (Pacific Odyssey)

Pervez and Linda Shekhdar

Hi Jim,
Three cheers and heartiest congratulations to you from Pervez and Linda, our
circle of friends, and my co-workers at USAIRWAYS in Pittsburgh, PA, USA for a spectacular finish to an ardous and daring Trans-Pacific solo rowing event. Jim, you captured our attention for the last 154 days, until it reached a feverish pitch last week, then suddenly it was over. The anti-climax was harder to cope with than I thought. I think the greatest trophy is to be reunited with your loving family after a perilous expedition. Our cousin Toxy Cowasjee has asked me to convey to you congratulations from her and all the well wishers in Karachi. You received extensive coverage, all day on Friday in the States, on TV and radio. I hope that we continue to hear from you on your website. Enjoy the warmth and pampering by your family. You deserve it !!!
With best regards to you and your family
Pervez and Linda Shekhdar.

Toxy Cowasjee

Dear Pervez
You will recall sending me news about your and our cousin Jimmy Shekhdar.
Just heard over the BBC, he has made it across the Pacific. It is simply amazing what he has achieved. I felt like dying crossing the Pacific by jet! Only a few days ago in our newsletter for April, I wrote a follow up saying he is nearly there and lo and behold today he has finally done it. If you have his email or contact, please do wish him from us at Karachi and tell him how proud we are of him. As the newsletter virtually goes to every home in Karachi, all are aware of his adventure.
Warm regards
Toxy Cowasjee

Erasmo Muсoz

Para el seсor Jim, por su gran hazaсa. Hombres con grandes sueсos son los que necesitamos para mejorar al mundo
уvery congratulation!

Erasmo Muсoz

Henrietta and Gareth Lewis

What an achievement! We read about your successful trip and it was lovely to see you made it. Fantastic and well done - thanks to people like you the news is occasionally good!
Henrietta and Gareth Lewis

Hunter Stentaford

Way to go Jim !!! Thanks for saving my fishy friends too !!
H Stentaford
Nova Scotia

Phillip Taylor

It has been a great year for British adventurers. Ellen McCarthy first and now you. Hers was a great achievement, yours absolutely amazing. Well done and many thanks for such an inspirational accomplishment, especially for us middle-aged wannabes who now have a fine example to follow.
Phil Taylor

Tomas Polak with family

Dear Mr. Shekdar,
I am sorry, but I didn't have any information about Your dauntless trip.
The end of your adventure I saw in Czech TV the first time yesterday evening. For that reason I didn't cross my fingers, excuse me... Something absolutely unbelievable. Congratulations and cheers from me and especially from my son Vojtech (7) and my daughter - Viktorie (5).
Tomas Polak with family (the Czech Republic, Europe).

Wendy and Nick Harrison

Jim, you wonderful man! What an amazing adventure, and you made it! Our heartiest congratulations to you. We can't wait to hear what you're going to do next!
Warmest wishes to you and your family, Wendy and Nick in Bermuda

Truce R Hawkins

Jim fantastic row! 
The Point Lookout Surf Lifesaving Club could use you,
Straddie is not a bad place for a holiday our house is in the back ground on the news report from channel 7 I was thinking while you are in the neighbourhood and if you have any energy left would you mow the grass for me and put the rubbish bins back in 
All the best Truce

Chris & Vivienne

Hi Jim,
What a wonderful achievement, CONGRATULATIONS.
We have just completed a circumnavigation of the world, but in relatively great comfort in a 40 ft sailing boat. Having experienced some pretty awful conditions in transiting the Pacific we are in awe of your courage and achievement, Hope you are enjoying the cold beers and the steaks and being back safely with your family.
Best wishes, Chris & Vivienne, Melbourne.

Nicolas Popov

Dear Jim,
Amazing achievement. An inspiration to any 50 + years old person.
Do you have any pictures of the sharks that harassed your rowing boat? After you have recovered and celebrated what are your plans?
Best regards,
Nicolas Popov
Island Expedition-School at Sea-L'Ecole en Mer

30 March 2001

Homi Shekhdar

 Dear Mr. Crutchlow, Please convey my best wishes and hearty congratulations to Jim for completing his very trying and arduous rowing feat single-handed and unaided. Of course without the help and encouragement of the ORS this feat would not have been possible and also the Australian team to guide him in, especially Brownie and Geoff Pettingill who took such wonderful photos on the beach. With best wishes to you and all the members of the ORS.
 Yours sincerely, Homi Shekhdar

Roger Walker

 Smacksmen say 'Well Done'
Jim, Well done, a fantastic show of seamanship.
From all the old smacksmen in Brightlingsea Essex.
Roger Walker

Clare Alter

Fantastic - in London just for a couple of days on my way down to a convention in France - and turned on the news this morning to see your rower making it to Australia - what an amazing journey! Congratulations to him and to you for your organization!
Clare Alter

Sheldy Hacala

Dear Jim, congrats from Canada!
Congratulations on a most unbelievable feat !!! we have followed you over the course of the last few months..incredible; have just logged on & have seen the photos of your arrival as well as have kept up through news from Jan; so glad you are having a nice reunion with family; will look forward to more details & hope to see you soon...
 love Carol

29 March 2001

Homi Shekhdar

  Dear Webmaster, I actually saw Jim on the BBC1 news at 1pm. His voice sounded quite strong and in himself seems hale and hearty. I only hope he makes port where the reception committee is waiting to give him a hero's welcome. Good luck to Jim. 
 Best wishes, Homi Shekhdar

11 February 2001

Homi & Pervez

  I have a gut feeling that Jim is going to finish his trans-Pacific challenge on or about the 14 of March 2001, this is just an educated and calculated prediction. I only hope his food and water maker lasts him on his arduous venture, and I hope he quenches his thirst on the beer he is longing for. We do wish him the very best of the Persian New year that falls on the 21st of March, which we call it a HAPPY NAUROZE FOR ALL TIMES TO COME.
Soon as we get the news of Jim's arrival on the Australian shore, we will certainly raise our glasses to his victorious venture. Best of luck Jim, and keep rowing, rowing and rowing.
 Homi and Pervez Shekhdar

05 February 2001

Homi Shekhdar

  Jim, You will be glad to know that, six-try England crushed Wales 44-15, at the millennium stadium in Cardiff. England was 2/9 favourites against the tame Welsh dragons. How does it feel to be at 173 E and 25 S, your last lap was tremendous, you must have had the current and wind in the right direction. Keep it up and keep the flag flying.
 Good luck and God speed.

28 January 2001

Homi & Pervez

 Jim, We are waiting to open the champagne and the famous royal salute in your honour, when you finish your trans- Pacific solo rowing challenge in one piece. The last time I met you, in London with Darius, you looked like Sean Connory. I dare say, after this arduos rowing feat you must have reduced to my size---5' 4" and 11 st. Be that as it may, we will be too glad to see you and Jane in England in Lincolnshire, just you see the sharks at bay, and stop prodding them with your handy craft spear, they may just swallow it and not thank you for it.
 Best regards,
from Homi in England
and Pervez from Pittsburgh

24 January 2001


Dear Ocean Rowers:
      While I do not understand your interest in this most unusual "sport",
I fully recognize your right to undertake it, with one proviso:  you are
completely on your own!   No Coast Guard... No Air Force... No Navy.... no
dedicated utilization of public resources whatever.
And the same goes for high-altitude balloonists.
      God Speed.

23 January 2001

Roger Marwood

 Jim ! Where were you last week? You missed the annual match against the students. We thrashed them anyway and I got a hatrick! Maybe you'll make the next game. Good luck with the swordfish and other visitors. Roger Marwood

21 January 2001

Homi Shekhdar

 We are glad Jim is still rowing singlehanded and unaided, and is just short of two degrees of the Int. national date line.
Best of luck Jim,
Regards, from your cousins
Homi, and pervez.

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