The ORS Int. is the official adjudicator of ocean rowing records for Guinness World Records





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Polar Rowers Wanted

for the most challenging and the most prestigious rowing expedition in history. The row will follow the highest safety standards, and will be accompanied by the assisting vessel and the movie crew.

Please apply only if you:

  • are confident you will reach the minimum erg threshold: split 2:00 for 15km (1h), 18 s/m, drag factor handle raised to max (10), HR < 165
  • donít have major issues with motion sickness
  • haven't had major back or knee injuries

contact : fiannpaul@gmail.com

Fiann Paul


Although the size of your ocean rowboat dictates the volume and weight of all that you are going to move across an ocean, you still won't do without the necessary equipment and tools, without the daily routine of "house keeping" and small miscellaneous >>>


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A unique and stunning model, a memento of your adventure...

Julian McHardy (ARR 2001) has developed and is selling a beautiful scale model of a 2 man ocean rowing boat.   Can be finished in Rhodium, Bronze or Sterling Silver and will be personalized with your own boat number and whatever text  that you want on the plaque  For details >>>