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Primary object: Trans-Atlantic, non-stop, unsupported, solo row: continent to continent. First person ever to do this, first Norwegian, 2nd oldest to row an ocean alone. A personal challenge.

Secondary: Inspire people to realise their dreams, regardless of age, inspire active lifestyle. Have a constructive relationship to sponsors. Maintain an interesting website during the row. Film and photograph during the expedition, lecture and write afterwords. Illustrate safety of small boat voyage. Aid Kristiansand Rowing Club in raising money for equipment and new club-house. Provide publicity for rowing as a sport and spare time activity.

Distance: About 3700 nautical miles (6850 kilometres).

Starting: Lisbon, Portugal; Saturday 10th August 2002.    Arriving: Georgetown, Guyana; 100-120 days later.

Boat: Star Atlantic II, built by Diana & Stein 1999 and used by Diana Hoff in her 113 days solo row Tenerife-Barbados 1999-2000.

7,1m x 1,9 m; 450 kg net weight; about 800 kg fully loaded. Designed by Philip Morrison UK for ocean rowing. Self-righting with main hatches closed, unsinkable. Extensively tested design. Solar panels, watermaker, satellite communication, modern safety equipment incl. liferaft (no sails or engine). Gas-burner stove, freeze-dried food.

Personal: Stein Gunnar Hoff (56), d.o.b. Aug 29th 1945 in Oslo. Norwegian. Grew up in the small coastal town of Sandefjord, famous for shipping and whaling in the last century. Dad Gunner H. (naval architect) d. 1999 (89), mum Eli (86) is still well. Only brother, Per H. d. 1989 in plane accident.

Medical studies at Univ. of Glasgow, Scotland 1964-70. Married Scottish Diana F. Young 1968, another medic, later an Eye specialist. Children: Elisabeth (b. Drammen, Norway, 1972), Martin (b. Reading, UK, 1973), Robert (b. Gisborne, NZ, 1980).

Specialist in Internal Medicine UK 1974 (MRCP), Norway 1985. Have worked in various hospitals in UK, Norway, Barbados, New Zealand and South Africa. University lecturer, Univ. of Bergen, 1975-77. Has worked in private practice as Specialist in Int. Medicine in Kristiansand since 1987. 

Rowing: Rowed actively since 1964. University Blues, Glasgow 1965. Scottish and Norwegian championships as elite rower 1965-1972. Many Norwegian veteran championships later years. 5 victories in World Masters Championships (3 in Montreal 2001). Rowed in Atlantic Rowing Race 1997 with Arvid Bentsen (69 days). Assisted daughter Elisabeth in her attempt to row Atlantic solo 1999 (capsized and rescued after 10 days) and wife Diana in her successful expedition. Advisers to Swedish Team in 2001 Atlantic Rowing Challenge (started Oct 7th 2001).

Sailing/nautical: Circumnavigated with family in partly home-built 39’ Colin Archer ferro-cement ketch Red Admiral 1977-82. Also sailed the Atlantic in 1989, 1991 and 1995(about 60.000 n. miles sailed). Planning new circumnavigation in 42’ catamaran White Admiral with Diana from 2003. 

SCUBA diver since 1974. Naval Officer of Diving, Norwegian Navy 74-75. PADI Advanced Open Water Diver 1998.

Other sports: Regular jogger, many triathlons and half marathons, two marathons. Proficient with skies, cycling, swimming, skindiving and windsurfing. 

Media: Written 4 books; two on the circumnavigation, one on Norwegians in Galapagos, one on children in Pitcairn. Many articles, several TV productions, extensive lecturing, incl. at The Norwegian Maritime Museum, Oslo. 

Other interests: Music; classical, jazz. Play clarinet in amateur orchestra. Nature, the sea, environment/ecology, nutrition, travels. 

Miscellaneous: Fellow International of Explorers Club, NY, since 1990. Honorary award from Norwegian Ocean Racing and Cruising Club 2001. Member of the Norwegian Maritime Museum where Star Atlantic II and items from Diana’s expedition was exhibited winter 2000/2001.

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