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2006 - the 40th anniversary of the modern history of oceanrowing
The Puffin Transatlantic Row 1966-2006

Puffin' returns to Atlantic! Graham Walters (GB) plans to row  this historical boat  across the Atlantic Ocean from La Gomera to Antigua to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Puffin's row .
Start is scheduled for Jan 22, 2006,


All project expenses have now been covered. All further funds raised by "The Puffin Transatlantic Row 1966-2006" will be donated to the British Red Cross London Emergency Response Appeal.  The London Emergency Response Appeal was launched late last year and is intended to raise money so that the Red Cross can fulfil its new statutory obligations to assist the emergency services in the event of a crisis in London.  The events of 7/7  was just such  an occasion.  New ambulances in particular are urgently required, and we hope to raise enough funds to buy one (approx £50,000) then I am fairly sure we could have it named PUFFIN in memory of Johnstone and Hoare

James Johnstone

To contact James regarding fundraising:
tel: 0777 444 5020

June 4 2005. ORS HQ London

Photo by Tatiana Rezva-Crutchlow

Graham Walters and James Johnstone (nephew of David Johnstone)

Graham Walters today announced that he will row 'Puffin' from La Gomera to English Harbour St Johns, Antigua.
'Puffin' was the first ocean rowboat in the 20th century to attempt an Atlantic crossing.
It was designed by Colin Mudie and built with cold moulded plywood by W. A. Souter and Son (Cowes) Limited; it cost 6000GBP to build it.
The row will recognize the 40th anniversary of Johnstone and Hoare epic and tragic row across the Atlantic when they were 'lost at sea'.
James Johnstone said:
"I am delighted that 40 years later Puffin will again take to the high seas and that Graham will give Puffin the chance to complete an Atlantic crossing.
"I am a volunteer fundraiser for the British Red Cross and I am delighted to accept Graham's kind invitation to head up fundraising for ' Puffin1966-2006 Atlantic crossing'

To contact James regarding fundraising:
tel: 0777 444 5020

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