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                        Victor Gavrishev (Kyrgyzstan)


Victor Gavrishev was born on December 8, 1957 in Kyrgyzstan.

He is a descendant of the second wave of immigrants from Russia to Central Asia. They were brave and hard working people, who had to count on their own efforts.
He learned from the old people's tales that it took them three months to get to Kyrgyzstan, travelling by ox cart. And Victor inherited the best characteristics from his forbearers, such as self respect, responsibility, diligence and personal determination both for health, and in achieving his goals.
Victor studied in a secondary school in Frunze (not Bishkek) from 1965 until 1975. During this time he devoted himself to sports, particularly swimming and alpine skiing.
At the age of 17 he organized a raft expedition with three colleagues along the Enissey River in Siberia to the Arctic Ocean.
This trip served to strengthen his character and self-confidence.

In 1975 after finishing secondary school, Victor entered a radio electronic college and graduated with honours in 1977. The same year he joint the special paratroops forces of the Soviet Army. In total, he made 89 parachute jumps during his military service. He finished his service in 1979 with the rank of senior sergeant.

During the period of 1980-1986 Victor studied in a Sports Academy and became a professional bobsled racer. In 1986 he was among candidates for a bobsled combined team of the Soviet Union. He was forced to leave the sport due to family circumstances, but continues to be recognized as one of the bobsled experts of Kyrgyzstan


In 1987 Victor gained experience in the film industry. He worked as a second director in the Kyrgyz Film company from 1987-1991. During that time he also played in two movies, in leading roles. Today he considers his participation as second director in the Italian-British joint project "Ghengiz Khan" as the most memorable experience.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Victor began his career as a businessman. In 1994. together with his partners, he began a Kyrgyz-German joint venture company. He has been working with his present telecommunications company, AySat Systems, since 1996 till present time.

Victor is married and has three children.

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