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(left to right) Mike Nestor, Kenneth Crutchlow, Tom Lynch, Tatiana Rezvoy, Richard Bellamy, and Sylvia Cook

Mike Nestor  is one of the founding members of the Ocean Rowing Society. Mike rowed the Atlantic from Tenerife in 1986 with Sean Crowley with one of the fastest times of 73 days.

Kenneth F Crutchlow is the Executive Director of the Ocean Rowing Society and one of the founders. It is at Kenneth's behest that this webpage is being created. Kenneth is also out there trying to find portage for the boats back to England from Barbados. I have been around the world with Kenneth helping him and Peter Bird with Peter's row from Russia. In my view Kenneth has done more for ocean rowers and ocean rowing than any one alive.

Tom Lynch is me. I am a general building contractor liveing on the Russian River in Northern California in the midst of a beautiful redwood forest. I am also partners with computer geek Richard Bellamy with Midnight Engineers; our company creates and hosts webpages for businesses all over the world. We also are developers of data base software. I like to ocean kayak and I love the sea. And I love the ocean rowers; few finer have crossed my path. (Hello to megan, chris and angela in vancouver!!)(Hello to Sariika in Alberta-I look forward to seeing you, and meanwhile be well...)

Tatiana Rezvoy is an incredibly talented artist (her memorial portrait of Peter Bird is at  the Royal Geographic Society in London).

Richard Bellamy is my partner with Midnight Engineers. Richard has forgotten more about computers than I will ever know. He is computer geekus maximus. The mad wizard and genius behind our web business. He is really a cool guy ( I don't care what they say about him...)

Sylvia Cook is another of the founders of the Ocean Rowing Society. Sylvia is the grand old petite dame of ocean rowers. She is the first woman ever to row an ocean (the Pacific no less with a Society founder John Fairfax). And she don't hold back; ask the marines... I love Sylvia Cook; she can braid too...

     That's the gang in Tenerife. We had a wonderful time and now we're trying to get it together to go to Barbados. We are honoured to be of some service to those at sea with the  Atlantic Challenge.