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T here he stood transfixed staring at map of the world
His eyes scanned left and right, tracing contours of the continents. He hardly blinked. His jaw was clenched in determination, his mind raced. The dream was alive. What if...? The question started, then trailed Erden Eruç's mind ventured forward. Just a step at first. small step. After all, what he was thinking had hardly been done before.
What if I...

He took another mental step forward. Then another. His confidence gained momentum. And then, the leap of faith. What if I travel around the world ... on human power alone? Erden paused. There, he said it. His imagination was racing wildly. No plane. No car. No cruise ship. No engine. Just a rowboat. Just bike. And of course, climbing gear.

"I don't want to say it's crazy - I don't want to sound discouraging - but it's going to be a challenge. It's beyond my imagination."
 Emil Kossev

Erden Eruç's team above a sea of clouds on the descent of Alaska's Mount  McKinley  


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