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Updates on the expedition "Around-n-Over" from Erden Eruc

1 Dec 2005

We left Safi on a straight line course for Las Palmas at 20:00 last night, Nov 30th.
We had N winds at the start, now have South winds that are creating chop over the NW swells, not fun... Hopefully S-winds will be short lived.

26 Nov 2005

You probably noticed that we stopped at Safi, Morocco on the evening of 26th.  We are waiting for Depression Delta to resolve itself right now before restarting our row directly for Las Palmas.  The forecasts look promising that we may leave Wed during the day, else we will leave on Thursday am.  We expect 8-10 days at sea to get there, where we will fix hatches and desalinator.  Weather pending, we can commit from there...

25 Nov 2005

We started rowing again at 15:15 yesterday, Thursday the 24th.

Soon after dark, I noticed ARGOS was not blinking its red flash. I put the pin back in and removed it again, placing it in its storage slot - this started the 5ed blinks again. So you may or not have the first 3-4 hours out of El Jadida.

We noticed before we left on that a huge low was forecast to form to our west, leaving a narrow alley of N-NE winds. We hopped on that yesterday, and moved along the shore nicely.

Wondering if this N-NE wind pattern will continue. We have Safi within 15-20 hr, Essaouira within another 20 hr range with no winds. We can tuck in and wait before committing to the Las Palmas crossing. There we will get the hatch and watermaker issues addressed.

Updates on the expedition "Around-n-Over" from Nancy Board, wife of Erden Eruc
17 Oct 2005 16:05GMT

Tim and Erden left Lisbon yesterday and stopped in Cascais, Portugal to have the water desalination unit checked. This is another critical piece of equipment in order for them to have purified drinking water.

Our friend and supporter Malcolm Sykes of the UK, former owner of our boat, drafted and sent papers to the Portuguese this morning so that the boat can be appropriately registered and they can depart once more from land. I received a phone call from Erden at 2:20 this morning (my time) telling me of their situation. They should be departing again shortly.
Then Kenneth Crutchlow of the Ocean Rowing Society contacted me via phone, followed by a call from Malcolm to make sure that everything was in place. The kindness of our friends "across the pond" (as we say) is overwhelming. I am grateful for their support and generosity.

I also received a wonderful message from my family in Turkey last night. Another acknowledgement that we are in this together. I am not alone. I feel extremely humbled by this level of kindness, adding to my own strength. And to all of you receiving this have all added your support in one way or another to this journey...which does not go unnoticed. Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Ships ahoy!!

Warmest regards,


15 Oct 2005 19:00GMT

Hello everyone!
I thought I would send you a few photographs of Tim and Erden on our boat and the latest article that Tim wrote for Canada's Globe and Mail.
Their departure is now set for tomorrow, Sunday, Oct 16 at 1400 Lisbon time, if winds prevail. For those of you up early tomorrow in the Pacific NW (6:00am...I will be!!) or the Midwestern part of the US/CN (8:00am CT) or in the UK (1400 BST), at this hour, please send them your good thoughts and well wishes for a successful crossing. I spoke to Erden this morning and he is very ready and prepared for this crossing.

Stay posted to the journey by following them on our website. You can track their progress daily. See more details on that and on the Ocean Rowing Society by reading Tim's article attached here.

Thanks to each and every one of you who have offered your support, kindness, friendship and love to us over the years....and to my newest friends at the Ocean Rowing Society...bless you for the work you do to help the modern adventurers of our time!

My kindest regards,


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