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Letter from Kenneth Crutchlow and Gerard d'Aboville

Hello Emmanuel

Today (July 23rd) Gerard d'Aboville telephoned me from on board his yacht which has arrived at Scilly Isle UK. He asked me to pass onto you the following message:

To Emmanuel

Kenneth of Ocean Rowing Society tells me you are well prepared for your row and that you have a light boat, I wish for you a good crossing!
We all know you are late in the year for a departure so you must be sure to not be at sea in October. (I left on July 10th and that was already late). If I am in France at the time of your arrival it will be my pleasure to meet you.

Bon voyage
Gerard d'Aboville

I believe Emmanuel knows full well that he is destined to have a late departure, (through no fault of his own the ship carrying his boat was late).

The thing we want any rower to avoid is to be rowing off the coast of Europe after Sept. It is expected that there will be heavy storms in October in fact such a storm claimed  American ocean rower Nedad Belic last Sept 30th. Emmanuel is relying on the fact that he has a very light boat and he has a good ocean rowing experience as well as sailing experience for much of his life.He expects to make a record crossing such as he did when he rowed from Tenerife to Guadeloupe in the same boat (it was painted blue then) see

I spent last weekend with Emmanuel and he impressed me as being well organized and dedicated to his row. He is an "adventurer" in the true sense of the word, he knew he had to be properly prepared, and he is. Unfortunately he does not have a "sponsor" but since his arrival in the US he has ben the beneficiary of some generosity: first Tobi Cohen of Le Shark Casual Wear (UK) thought for his safety he should have an Argos satellite tracking beacon (I delivered it); then, last Friday Massport went to some considerable effort to make the 40 foot container with the boat in it available to Emmanuel, and then the  Boston International Longshoreman Association got the boat out of the container in record time, and both waived there fees which was appreciated by Emmanuel. Then Arthur Bidard (of Chatham) towed the boat from Massport to Chatham and offered Emmanuel a place to stay till his departure. This was of particular help as Arthur also speaks French.

I think we are witnessing something special, here is a man who has not sought out publicity, he is  dedicated to fulfill his dream to be the first Frenchman to row the Atlantic both ways, he is confident in his boat and abilities and in order to avoid being at sea in October, (a situation - he is well aware of - is not one to be in) he MUST produce a record time row, frankly I think he will do it.

Best regards


the boat

Photo by Marjorie Bedard

Emmanuel Coindre, Kenneth Crutchlow and '' Lady Bird" in Stage Harbor, Chatham, Cape Cod - the start point of Emmanuel Coindre's row . It was in July 10 1980, that Gerard d'Aboville rowed his 'Captaine Cook' out from this harbour  to  reach Brest (France) in 72 days.

Кеннет Крачлоу, Эммануэль Куандр и его лодка «Lady Bird» (Божья Коровка) в бухте Стейдж, Четэм, Кейп Код (США) – на месте предстоящего старта Эммануэля Куандра. Именно отсюда 10-го июля 1980г. стартовал Жерар д'Абовиль в лодке «Captaine Cook» и через 72 дня прибыл в ã. Брест (Франция).

Kenneth Crutchlow, Emmanuel Coindre et son bateau "Lady Bird" dans la baie de Stage, Chatham, Cape Cod (les USA) - sur la place du départ prochain d'Emmanuel. Notamment d'ici le 10-ème juillet 1980 a démarré Gerard d'Aboville au bord de "Captaine Cook" et  72 jours après est arrivé a Brest (France). 



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