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Emmanuel Coindre (FR)

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Personal Profile

With a title of Champion of France (1998) and two world titles, and various achievements on regattas  in the Catamaran  Sport, wind surfing, and run-racing, Emmanuel turns to the adventure passionately. 30 years old Pornichetin ( Pornichet, France) of scientific formation, pharmaceutical education and patent of state option veils, shares his time between the design, manufacture, the realization of these various operations, not forgetting about training., - he  is an accomplished sportsman, whose background includes 3 solo crossings of the  Atlantic , without stopovers, assistance, and considerable recognitions: two - by rowing, and one - on hydrocycle.
"What has always stimulated me, it is to be maitre-of-work of my projects in their globality. Conception/fabrication, validation of the various concepts and all that surrounds valuation and the communication of my adventures. Putting in scene a clean, healthy, not pollutant sport with positive ecological connotation. It is the will to improve, to have a sincere relation with my own-self. To push away my own limits only by my will and combativeness. To create a unique, absolute vision. The value of this exploit is not in the ratio with the danger, but in the attempt of adventure which it gets ".

Previous Crossings

Atlantic W-E 2003.

Failed attempt to improve his own time of crossing the Atlantic West - East. Tried to become the first Man in the World to have rowed any ocean solo for three times.

Atlantic W-E 2002

A difficult Challenge of almost 2800 nautical miles, by the road of Depressions between Chatham (the United States) and the longitude of Cap d'Ouessant - 0508' W (France). Nearly a million strokes of oars to the profit of Children Patients of The NECKER Hospital.

The crossing took 87 days,  facing 14 Ocean Depressions, 3  Tropical Storms, 17 Upsettings, 7403 km

Atlantic E-W 2001 ROWING RECORD
(broken by Fedor Konyukhov in 2002)

Left the Canary Islands (Puerto de Mogan) on April 15, 2001 - arrived to Guadeloupe on June 11, 2001. Time of crossing - 57 days 4 hours 30 min

Some figures: average 53 miles/day, maximum 80 miles/day , +10.0 knots in surfing, 14/15 hours of row

He has beaten the record of crossing the Atlantic E-W for solo rowers by more than 10 days -The former record belonged to Patric Lihurt, France, boat Lune de Mer 67 days.

Atlantic E-W in Hydrocycle 1999-2000

Canaries 1999/Barbados 2000. Wins Paris award "A Volant Ocean "
After 99 days 5hours 15 minutes of solitary effort, Emmanuel COINDRE arrived Monday March 20, 2000 to Barbados, having pedalled the Atlantic Ocean, without sponsors, stopover and assistance. Hydrocycle -7 metres long by 1.30 wide, resulting from its design and its manufacture, in dissimilar carbon/glass composite. Compartmentalize, unsinkable, self-righting. Driven by a two-bladed propeller activated by fixed pedals, average speed - 2.5 knots , in surfing does more then 9knots.
99 days - time partially explained by a very capricious weather, mechanical problems because of lack of power, staying in bed for a week ill, from 12 to 14 hours of daily effort: several (3) depressions obliged Emmanuel to be under drift anchor for equivalent of one week; capsizing at the night of December 24, the meeting with a ofni (13th day of the journey) causes the loss of stabilizer, the patronage of a sea-bream coryphées of 1.7 meters, stormy systems, rationing of food on the final stage, water ways and lifting repairs at sea. Departed from Puerto de Mogan (Gran Canaria) December 12th 1999, arrived to Bridgetown (Barbados) March 20th 2000 in excellent physical form.