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Chart of Surface Winds/Seas on October 25nd

October 24th, 6GMT Final straight.
Yesterday evening the wind turned South/East in 10 knots, Emmanuel was afraid that it lasts … Then fortunately at approx.midnight, the wind transferred just like that the South / West, 20 in 25 knots. Whirlwinds and rain at night; it is one benefaction for Emmanuel because he was able to get 1/2 l of fresh water. At 6 am in the morning, the wind of the South / West  approximately 15 knots. Emmanuel has just made a sleepless night, but voluntarily - to row a maximum and get closer to France.
He saw about thirty gannet this morning.
The communication is very shortened because Emmanuel keeps battery, so that it remains for him for his preparations for arrival and his Iridium


Wednesday, October 23rd.
At night the wind turned NORTH/EAST and the WEST, with passages of rains, 25-30 knots, the sea is strong, N/W. This morning wind NORTH / WEST in 20 knots, but still too crossed sea.
Fortunately the weather is rather beautiful. Finally Emmanuel can come back to oars, after staying for a little bit more than 4 days locked into his small cockpit.
At about 2 pm, the WEST wind returned, 15 in 20 knots, strong sea, then at about 5 pm, the seesaw SOUTH / WEST has appeared, with a little rain.
At 19.00 wind from the SOUTH / WEST, but weak, 10 knots, Emmanuel has the impression he is not advancing any more.
Emmanuel passed 4 going out of France cargo boats, and 1 cargo boat coming in. In approximately 800m he sees a trawler, his red light flashing, Emmanuel is going to try a contact, because at the end of his way he has very little water left (1L) and little food.
6 or 7 big birds fly around him, these beautiful white birds with the black ends of wings, they are, after all, the gannet.
Emmanuel might be able to go up closer to Brest, with a rather strong wind from SOUTH / WEST, announced for tomorrow afternoon.


Tuesday, October 22.
The wind was calmer a little this night, Emmanuel could sleep approximately 3 hours all in all, but interrupted with alarm clock to take care of the course, and also the apprehension to cross cargo liners and he saw one at night. Since 7.00 this morning, the wind passed to the NORD/WESTERN, rather strong, 35 knots. At 11 am - WESTERN influence, wind of 30 - 35 knots, strong sea to very strong, with large rollers, very crossed - West, N/W, S/W. The weather starts to be nice, the ladybird will be able to dry out her permanent moisture.
Emmanuel notes that the new weather forecasts , given by Pierre Lasnier and Mйtйoconsult, remain favourable for his arrival towards Brest, but a new depression will arrive to him starting with Thursday and Friday.
All the day will have a tendency for NORD/WEST and WEST, with a very crossed and formed sea, and much of passages of downpours in the afternoon. - Emmanuel is in the right direction towards Brest, and SOUTH/WEST wind, announced for Thursday, will help him to go up to the maximum. The morale is high.


Monday, October 21st.
Endless storms follow one after another… At night there was again wind of the SOUTH and SOUTH/EAST, 30-35 knots, with passages of rains, the sea is disproportionate, Southern and S/E, a new sleepless night for Emmanuel. - two new turn-overs of the Ladybird this night, including one particularly violent. Fortunately Emmanuel had put his helmet on - even when the boat self-rights, it is not easy for the rower and for the boat as well.
At present there is wind from the SOUTH, 30 in 40 knots, the sea is still very formed, and S/E. Nevertheless Emmanuel took the risk of going to his hold to look for some reserve provision and for some water, and especially to check that the hold had not taken water in the last night turn-overs. Everything is OK, including side stabilizers.
At about 2 - 2:30 pm the SOUTH / WEST wind finally arrived, strong, 40 knots, the ladybird is running away. The sea is very formed, with big rollers, the time was divided between passages of showers and sun. Late in the afternoon, the wind turned the SOUTH, then at about 6 pm SOUTH / WESTERN, 35-40 knots.
Emmanuel wanted to try to row during the sunny passages, but it was too dangerous. Now, when only in a few days are left to the finish, it is necessary to minimize any risk. He got used to take his evil in patience, but hopes for at least a small lull to take again the oars, the inactivity begins to oppress him .
During the contact, we heard several times the noise of the waves which submerged him, as a big breath.
At night Emmanuel saw two cargo boats, one in 800m, one in 300m, and two others during the day. He also saw again this beautiful white bird, very big, at least 1,80m of scale.

The Arrival of Emmanuel is outlined at the horizon: All those people, close or distant, who helped Emmanuel to carry out this crossing, are awaited in Brest! In theory - on Friday, October 25, in the morning, according to weather report....
A confirmation will be given on Thursday.


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