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To row the Atlantic

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This adventure  is the story of a man who resembles everyone but who goes to the end of his dreams - Emmanuel Coindre launches out a double challenge:  to row the Atlantic solo, from the Canaries to the Antilles, - not only with the search for a personal pleasure, but this also is an occasion to support association Arc-in-Sky and Clean S.o.s Sea.
Emmanuel Coindre wanted a rowboat, supporting speed while keeping the maximum of security. So one of the smallest boats was launched out of the large blue one, the old boat " Mutual Credit ", that was completely reconditioned by Emmanuel Coindre in his residence at Pornichet (Loire-Atlantique)

Thursday June 7, 2001.
 The climatic conditions are the same ones as yesterday: the Town of Dinard surfe on an agitated sea and a wave of euphoria, pushed by an east wind from 4 to 5 Beaufort. These last 24 hours of rowing - 78 miles! Beautiful performance. It is the longest distance covered from the crossing. Emmanuel rowed 15 hours, but all in flexibility. Only small "cloud in the sky" - Emmanuel knocked a knee in the cockpit of the boat. But, at first sight, nothing alarming.
Wednesday June 6, 2001.
Emmanuel is really in his best mood: the wind blows from 3 to 5 Beaufort, up to 6, and the sea is agitated . He crossed 65 miles in the last 24 hours! The news from Guadeloupe - the forcast of rather a strong south-east wind to broad of the coasts, that makes Emmanuel continuously to prick towards the south. Being given that the climatic conditions are better, Emmanuel will profit from it for less rowing and resting a little.
Tuesday June 5, 2001
The wind rose in the night (3-4 Beaufort) and Emmanuel rowed with the rising moon. The moral goes up: 55 miles crossed in the last 24 hours. This morning, the wind did not disappear: east wind from 3 to 5 Beaufort. Emmanuel is delighted: even if the boat is charged less, it is shaken a little more on the agitated sea. It continues to prick towards the south, Emmanuel is careful: " I do not want to advance as for my arrival. As I approach the coasts, I will come across many boats. It will be necessary to redouble vigilance and effort.".
Monday June 4, 2001.
 Still 15 hours of row yesterday, Emmanuel succeeded in reaching the 18°34 '. A light wind of south-east, 1 to 3 Beaufort, blows. The Town of Dinard passed a large fishing vessel; in spite of the attempts of Emmanuel to join her by VHF, no success to come into contact. That could have been a good small blow for our oarsman who has nothing any more but 19 liters of water in reserve. But there remains vigilant, and its harpoon is within reach if a fish would pass by. Four seagulls came to return visit to our recluse; one of two landed on sea in less than 3 m from the boat. 
Sunday June 3, 2001.
 In the night of Saturday to Sunday, Emmanuel was awaked by 2 coarse grains of the tropical heavy showers. He benefitted from it to recover water: 300 ml. Little, but a treat for the tea of Sunday morning. The sea remains very calm , nevertheless, 44 miles crossed in the last 24 hours. Emmanuel also benefitted from this day to clean the hull of the Town of Dinard; it was covered with molluscs, going up to 3-4 cm in diameter.
Friday May 25, 2001.
[  by telephone ] " the trade winds are still not with us ",said Emmanuel.  Always this small 1 east wind to 3 Beaufort and this little agitated but cross sea;  "that makes it  painful enough to row."  But the moon is back, which leaves good hope as for the return of the wind. " Since Tuesday, I have small concerns for batteries because of my projection towards the west. Lastly, I at least manage to full  my desalinisator and to telephone." And of water,Emmanuel is in  need.  To row  14 hours on average per day, he consumes 5 liters of water daily. Nevertheless, a little do-it-yourself enabled him to go up these solar panels to have a better angle and to collect the light more. Nothing else new  on board: three days ago, Emmanuel received a blow of handle.
He had  pain during two days and some fears, but it has passed.
Thursday May 24, 2001
Always cross and little agitated sea, and little wind.  In short, very calm.  Emmanuel raises some questions as for his desalinisator;
Wednesday May 23, 2001.
During the 24 last hours, Emmanuel rowed 14 hours, in spite of a sea crossed permanently and a very weak wind. He must currently cross the rail Canada-Brazil; he saw a cargo liner.  The position of the Town of Dinard being increasingly Western, Emmanuel has to modify the position of its solar panels, so that those are longest possible exposed.  Two seagulls, them also in search of wind, accompanied the rowboat
Tuesday May 22, 2001.
Today, the sea is agitated a little with an east wind 2 to 3 Beaufort. The weather is beautiful and hot.
Monday May 21, 2001.
13 hours 30min of rowing and a short night with only 5 hours 30min of sleep. Three seagulls passed to the top of the boat and an espadon of approximately 3m50 returned to visit Emmanuel.
Sunday May 20, 2001.
A little cleaning of the boat and Emmanuel surfed with new speed. The wind is back. The sea is agitated -more or less. The moral is good.
Friday May 18, 2001.
[ by telephone at 12.00GMT] Yesterday it was still rather calm.  Emmanuel used it to clean the hull of the boat and to make the boat "ship-shape".  But he rowed all the same 14 hours and a half.At night, there came wind from North-East, and then from 2 to 3 Beaufort started to blow.  The delivery?  This morning, sea is a little agitated, but an Easterly wind blows.  The day is promissing to be good; this helps to boost his moral.
Thursday May 17, 2001.
Yesterday, 15 hours of rowing with a very light wind of 0,5 Beaufort. A light undulation carrying hope takes shape, but it is always very hot; 30 in the shade of his " tent " at 11h00GMT. For the anecdote, last night was lit by the phosphorescent algae. 
Wednesday May 16, 2001.
The ocean remains to be a mirror - motionless. 17 hours of rowing yesterday. The weather is so hot that the foam- mattress melts in the cabin.Emmanuel set up an installation to protect himself from the sun when he is rowing - his sleeping bag, and here is our oarsman under an original umbrella. Yesterday evening a small wind was felt, but this morning - disappointment, nothing. 
Tuesday May 15, 2001.
[ by telephone at 12.00GMT ] depressing Day. Still 15 hours of rowing and only 13 miles. " For three days, it has been tough. Water is still and there is not a noise; even not lapping of water on the stem of the boat. Besides the splashing of oars in the water and the squeaking of the seat, the silence is complete...It is distressing." " Each time I stop rowing, I move back. To move back is the hardest thing to accept. But as far as I am a nasty creature, I row. I move back certainly, but less than if I did not row ". A very difficult moment with weather so hot. To fight, certainly, but it is necessary to remain lucid; " I have not to forget to eat and to rest." Emmanuel continues: " Here, the word "will" takes all its dimension. I fight with the little weapon which I have - my eagerness." To leave this " hole " and take again the winds, Emmanuel has to decide to row course straight West . A hard test for Emmanuel. Do not hesitate to encourage him! 
Monday May 14, 2001. 
Strange impression for a rower: the ocean resembles a lake. In the night from Sunday to Monday, the stars were reflected as in a mirror. The boat is white with salt, calmness is almost distressing and, with heat, there is a choking odor of plankton. To compensate the lack of wind, Emmanuel was rowing 15 hours to cover only 35 miles, course West. A west-south current diverts the Town of Dinard, making it go up North. 
Sunday May 13, 2001.
The sea is very, very calm and the weather is increasingly hot. Last month, in the same area there were winds of 20 nodes... Emmanuel saw a cargo liner passing 3 miles from him, course West.
Friday May 11, 2001.

Small day yesterday;  Emmanuel is disappointed .  There is very little wind, much of cross sea and  our oarsman badly slept (5 hours only).  Return on the semi-course:  " I am satisfied with this first stage.  But, I am not surprised, it all has been very testing. In this moment, I meet very unstable weather systems and much of cross sea.  The continuous combat and more beautiful will be the victory. I kiss very extremely all my family (a thought more particular to my Antonio cousin:  make like me, low!).  Greetings to all my Partners, my friends, members of the YCF, his president, the YC of Baule and to all the people who are interested closely or by far in my challenge.".

Thursday May 10, 2001.

Wind of north-north east, sea agitated.  Much cross sea: Emmanuel must pay attention to his oars well.  Park with the shockwith the knees or the tibiae.

Wednesday May 9, 2001. With semi-path

 " For two days, I have been well shaken, but that advances well."  Such are the words with which Emmanuel begins hiscommunication at the beginning of the week;  chopped communication, because the batteries of the telephone give signs of weakness.  Put besides this small technical detail, all is well.  The east wind (3-5 Beaufort) pushes the City of  Dinard towards the west;  60 miles traversed at the time of the last 24 hours.  And celà should continue, even if the weather is very hot:  Emmanuel saw a seagull, which is a sign of heralding wind.

Tuesday May 8, 2001

The sea is agitated and the wind blows from 2 to 4 Beaufort. Monday was rather good, with 60 traversed miles, even if Emmanuel broke his glasses.

Monday May 7, 2001
13 hours on oars and 63 miles traversed at the time of the last 24 hours.  However, the wind started to rise in the night from Sunday to Monday, with some passages of cross sea .
Sunday May 6, 2001

The wind is maintained, always 1 to 3 Beaufort.  And always much of clouds (viola stratus) and two good stormy grains. " For 2 days I have been navigating through a true dustbin."  Crossing the Canada-Africa rail, the City of Dinard is pilot of a quite sad spectacle, little ragoutant: bags, dustbins, bottles out of plastics... and another spare wheels. So many waste thrown by people with not much respect to Nature.

"news from the route"

After start on the 29th of March Emmanuel Coindre went back to Gran Canaria on March 30th, after he broke the rudder blade . 
He finally left Canary Islands on Sunday, April 15th at 6.00GMT. During 
his stay for 15 days, he added 2 airfoils to his boat to stabilise 
her . He seems to be happy with the repairs and additions and he is now 
rowing on an average of 60 miles per day . Tuesday April 24th, 
the wind was light (north, 1/2 knot), and he rowed during 13 hours . He met a turtle, a group of dolphins, etc...After 10 days at sea cape toward The Islands of Cape Verde, he should be heading soon toward west . He is pretty happy with his physical condition .

 translated from French - courtesy of Anne Quemere

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