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In the early morning yesterday, many people's eyes were turned towards the narrows of Brest. We were all waiting for Emmanuel who finally crossed the finishing line at 13:55 GMT after 87 days at sea and 13 capsizes.

At 18h00 some of us embarked on a boat to go and meet with Emmanuel. The sea was rough and so was the wind, it took us about two hours and a half to finally see his small red boat in the distance but because of the bad meteo conditions we could not get very close to him. Anyway it was just a fantastic moment and for me, who is rowing the trade winds road in about a month from now, an incredible lesson of courage! He did it the "hard way" against all odds, without any sponsor, and his beaming face when he landed safely into the harbour, was just a fantastic present to all of us who were present .

Anne Quéméré

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