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Distance from Chatham, Cape Cod, USA
I. d'Ouessant, France.


3113 miles (5010 km) (2705 nautical miles)

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Row began July 26 2003 16:09 GMT - Row finished
Miles/Km rowed to date 68 miles (109 km) (59 n/miles)
Miles/km from Chatham, Cape Cod,USA 68 miles (109 km) (59 n/miles)
Miles/km to Ouessant Island, France 3056 miles (4918 km) (2655 n/miles)

nautical mile=1minute of latitude (1.15 statute miles or 1.853 kilometers)Row began --

Day/Date  Latitude Longitude Progress
(time is GMT) (degrees/minutes/seconds) (degrees/minutes/seconds) (miles,km,nautical miles)
Day 1 - July 27th 2003 (16:08 GMT) 41:34:34N 68:36:14W 68 miles (109 km) (59 n/miles)
Start day - July 26th 2003 (16:34 GMT) 41:36:07N 69:54:54W Start day