hoff3.jpg (44985 bytes)       February 7th-- Sector Sport Watches team member Elisabeth Hoff has left the Canary Islands attempting to become the first woman to row an ocean solo. She will be at sea an estimated 90 days and row over 3000 miles. Throughout the Ocean Rowing Society will be tracking and mapping Elisabeth's progress.
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Elisabeth Hoff rescued at sea...

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LOS GIGANTES, TENERIFE, SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1999. ELISABETH HOFF, the British-Norwegian member of the SECTOR NO LIMITS team, who aims to be the first woman to row single-handed across the Atlantic Ocean, left Los Gigantes at 8am GMT today. (departure photo by Daniel Forster)

Ocean Rowing Society members may remember the Hoff name as her father Stein Hoff rowed with his partner Arvid Bentsen during the Atlantic Challenge rowing race in the fall of 1997. Elisabeth is being sponsored by Sector Sport Watches. As with the two previous attempts of woman attempting the first solo row of an ocean (Peggy Bouchet from France and Tori Murden from Louisville, Kentucky, USA) the Ocean Rowing Society will be tracking Elisabeth's daily progress on our website.

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Age: 26 years old
Marital status: Single
Goal: To be the first woman to row solo across an ocean
When: Departure Mid-February 1999, Tenerife
Distance: 3000 nautical miles - Tenerife to West Indies
Duration: Approx.3 months
Boat: Ocean Rowing Boat Designer Phil Morrison
Experience: Accomplished sailor – crossed the Atlantic 4 times. Rowed since the age of 15. Circumnavigated the globe, on a 39 foot yacht ‘Red Admiral’.
Currently rowing for Thames Rowing Club, London
Background: Sailing Family Father Stein Hoff and friend Arvid Bentson rowed across the Atlantic in 1997. Currently living in London working as a Recruitment Consultant for City Investment Banks. BSc Hons in Marine Biology from Glasgow University
Interests: Fitness, Endurance Sports, Photography, Socialising


The Big Picture (route map)

ORS Director Kenneth Crutchlow says Goodbye to Elisabeth (and perhaps inspires her to row faster to Barbados ;0)...
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What's it like out there for Elisabeth? Read the daily journals of her father Stein Hoff  and Arvid Bentsen onboard the Star Atlantic in the Atlantic Challenge Race Oct,12,-Dec,20,1997... (click here)