ORS Director Kenneth Crutchlow says Goodbye to Elisabeth (and perhaps inspires her to row faster to Barbados ;0)...
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Kenneth diving into the water Kenneth swims to Elisabeth's boat Kenneth saying final goodbye Kenneth back on the escort boat...

Dear Tom,

YOU may like to put the following story and pictures up on the website.
Roger (ed.note: Roger Diss is the Editor of the Western Sun on Tenerife)

Ocean Rowing Society president Kenneth F Crutchlow was overcome by the
excitement of Elisabeth Hoff’s departure from Los Gigantes to row alone
across the Atlantic
He had to have the last word with her as she rowed away and found his
own novel way of achieving it.
Pictures, as ever, speak a thousand words.
1. Kenneth swims out to meet Elisabeth
2. Kenneth exchanges a few words
3. Kenneth catches his breath
4. Delighted Kenneth back on the press boat