hoff3.jpg (44985 bytes)       February 7th-- Sector Sport Watches team member Elisabeth Hoff has left the Canary Islands attempting to become the first woman to row an ocean solo. She will be at sea an estimated 90 days and row over 3000 miles. Throughout the Ocean Rowing Society will be tracking and mapping Elisabeth's progress.
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Elisabeth Hoff rescued at sea...

Elisabeth Hoff: her brave attempt to be first woman to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean ends in capsize.(click here for more...)

Elisabeth's Progress--Maps and Charts

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Feb 07, 1999... Elisabeth Hoff left the Los Gigantes, Tenerife, Canary Islands today at 8:00AM GMT. This is the official start time as comfirmed by Ocean Rowing Society Director Kenneth Crutchlow. Elisabeth will row her boat, the Sector No Limits Star Atlantic, for approximately 90 days 3000 miles. Below we will chronicle her daily progress.
Distance from Los Gigantes, Tenerife, Canary Islands to Barbados 2547 nautical miles, 4725 km, 2929 miles
Miles/Km rowed to date       374 nautical miles  (      694 km       431 miles)
Miles/Km from Los Gigantes, Tenerife       369 nautical miles  (      684 km       424 miles)
Miles/km to Barbados     2249 nautical miles  (   4172 km     2587 miles)
nautical mile=1minute of latitude (1.15 statute miles or 1.853 kilometers)

Day/Date Latitude Longitude Progress
(in degrees/minutes) (in degrees/minutes) (nautical miles,km, miles)
Day10  Feb 17  (06:28GMT) N 23.47 W 21.32       41 nautical miles (  75km     47miles)
Day09  Feb 16  (07:39GMT) N 24.17 W 21.02       42 nautical miles (  79km     49miles)
Day08  Feb 15  (06:18GMT) N 24.44 W 20.26       56 nautical miles (103km     64miles)
Day07  Feb 14  (05:21GMT) N 25.21 W 19.40       42 nautical miles (  79km     49miles)
Day06  Feb 13  (05:33GMT) N 25.52 W 19.08       43 nautical miles (  80km     50miles)
Day05  Feb 12  (04:04GMT) N 26.25 W 18.37       36 nautical miles (  67km     41miles)
Day04  Feb 11  (08:41GMT) N 26.54 W 18.13       40 nautical miles (  74km     46miles)
Day03  Feb 10  (04:22GMT) N 27.21 W 17.40       16 nautical miles (  30km     19miles)
Day02  Feb 09  (06:50GMT) N 27.29 W 17.24       38 nautical miles (  70km     43miles)
Day01  Feb 08  (03:04GMT) N 27.55 W 16.53       20 nautical miles (  37km     23miles)
Day00  Feb 07  (08:00GMT) N 28.15 W 16.50         -- nautical miles (    --km       --miles)

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