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Eddy Lesage (France)

Eddy Lesage is a 35 years old men, married, no children yet,
working as a waiter in French Brasseries ("cafés") ... But the important fact is that he has been a prisoner for 2 years, 7 years ago. When he was in jail, he truly realized that reintegration is something possible if you really want it and if you have the right project to do it ... 
In jail, one night, he saw the arrival of Peggy Bouchet on TV and wondered "I want to do this, I want to cross the Atlantic ocean, rowing". Why ? Because he wants to prove that you can be both an ex-prisoner and a good man  with a strong will.
So, Eddy will row the Atlantic ocean, in the name of reintegration !

The project of Eddy Lesage is a long term action : he wants to cross the Atlantic ocean first, in order to be recognized and considered, and then raise funds to open a restaurant in Paris, fully managed and staffed by/with ex-prisoners. He created an association, "Action réinsertion", to carry the project. Eddy  has been already "reported" through an "interview" in the French main news program ( on the French fist channel "TF1") and through couple of articles in famous French newspapers (everything is on his web site). He will be followed by French media during the crossing and is determinate to succeed !







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