The ORS Int. is the official adjudicator of ocean rowing records for Guinness World Records


Update from Thomas Herbert, CEO of Port St Charles, Barbados

19 February 2007 23:46:49
Dear Ken & Tatiana,

I took a flight this afternoon with my friend, David Peterkin [in his Diamond Twin Star], and we found Dom Mee within 2 miles of where we expected them to be – at 13deg 45 min North / 58 deg 35 min West at 16:40 local time or 20:40 GMT. They were rowing strongly under scattered showers with a 10 knot wind behind them and I chatted with them on VHF 16. I enquired how they were doing since running out of food but they said that they were doing OK. They didn’t seem to have seen any Dorado following the boat but I suggested that it should be very likely that they might catch one if they trolled a line.

This position indicates to me that they have covered very slightly less than half of the distance to North Point in 28 ˝ hours and so we might expect them to be there around 9 pm local time on Tuesday night with no chance of getting to a beach in the dark and so they could be in at PSC to clear Customs and have dinner a bit before midnight. The wind is forecast to pick up to 17 knots from the East tomorrow so their progress could improve and possibly get them in before 10 pm when Customs closes and overtime charges kick in!


Diamond Twin Star


13:45N 58:35W
February 19th 2007
16:40 local time or 20:40 GMT