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Meet Dom Mee and his team in Exmouth Marina 10am 7th July 2006

' Explorer Dom will now lead the team in ocean challenge'
The bid to bring the Blue Ribbon of Ocean Rowing back to Britain

Maritime Explorer and Royal Marine Reservist has come out of retirement to lead the British Ocean Rowing team in a bid to break the Atlantic rowing record, which has been held by the French since 1992.

Dom who narrowly escaped death in the North Atlantic in his bid to be the first person to Kite sail across an ocean, is all too aware of the dangers that will face his team of four.
His new vessel an ocean four boat built in Exmouth by Rowsell and Adkin is self righting and is designed for strength and speed “It is the Ferrari compared to the boat that I rowed across the Pacific, the Rowsel and Adkin boats are the best in the world” quoted Dom. It will need to be the French team set an amazing time of 35 days and 8 hours and despite over 200 rows since 1992 the record still stands.

For the first time the team will be available for interviews with the media on Friday 7th July in Exmouth marina. A press boat will be provided as you are invited to join the team on the water for a training session.

The magnitude of the challenge ahead can be over bearing “with England out of the world cup and the first anniversary of the July bombings we hope we can do our country proud. I feel like I am standing at the base of a huge mountain it’s pretty scary”, quoted Dom.

Dom was to be the team manager and not take part in the voyage, but the team felt the project would have more chance of success if he led them on the water. “It was a really hard decision I wanted a year out after my ordeal in the North Atlantic coming that close to death affected me deeply. Hopefully taking on the Atlantic again will inspire me to continue to push the boundaries of the human experience” said Dom.


The ocean rowing vessel is 26 feet long and will carry the 4 rowers along with all of the supplies for the unsupported trip.
The vessel was designed by Exmouth based Phil Morrison and built by Justin Adkin in his yard in Exmouth. Justin Adkin rowed across the Atlantic this year and his team ‘All Relative’ were the first boat to finish the race.

The route of the row will depart La Palma, Canaries in January 2007 finishing in Barbados, Caribbean a distance of 3, 000 miles.

The team will be made up of Royal Marine Reservists based in London and Bristol the final selection of the team will be announced by Dom in August 2006.

The French team of 10 on their vessel ‘La Mondial’ rowed from La Palma to Martinique setting the record.

The project is sponsored by Innotec based in Salisbury and Taunton estate agent Wilkie May and Tuckwood.

The team also aim to raise money for Barnardo’s and the Royal Marines Association.