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Oceanrower Dom Mee and his crew - oceanrower Chris Martin, Peter Bird, Ed James and Tom Rendell
F r o m  M a r b l e  A r c h,  L o n d o n
  t o
 A r c h   d e  T r i u m p h,  P a r i s

Set off from alongside HMS President (next to London's Tower Bridge) to row to Paris.
This row is to be a sea trial for the row from La Gomera to Antigua next January - Atlantic Quest 2007

August 22 2006. 12:15GMT - left from the Tower Bridge
August 23 2006. 12:00GMT - arrived to Dover
August 24 2006. 7:40GMT  - left Dover headed to Le Havre
11:45GMT - From Chris Martin: "It is raining and wet, we hope for better weather"
August 25 2006. 20:10GMT - 30 miles from Le Havre
From Dom Mee: " " Life is good, team is pumped, Royal Marines are loving the hardship!"
August 26 2006 - 20 miles from Le Havre

08:06GMT - From Chris Collison, admin. land crew:
The crew reported they are 20 miles from Le Havre. Big issues with wind and rocks, had to turn around and leg it into
Fécamp. Interview on 5 Live BBC at 11am today.

11:05GMT - From Chris Martin: Yesterday though it was raining the whole day long ( they say there is more rain than expected for this time of the year) we were well progressing toward Le Havre but this morning at the day-break encountered very strong onshore wind, pushing us on the rocks. We lost about 6-7 miles and decided to turn back, row along the shore and at 10am BST called into the port of Fécamp. Here the boat will be taken out of water and moved to Le Havre. We intend to leave Le Havre to-morrow early morning catching the tide at 7am, row until the tide allows and then wait being tied on to a buoy until the next tide .

August 28 2006 - 10 miles North of Rouen
12:45GMT - From Chris Collison, shore manager:  They have rowed from Le Havre departing at 7.00am to about 10 miles North of Rouen. The regulations state there is no night time rowing on this stretch of water, the crew tied up at a pontoon overnight (27th) and the Captain Dom Mee called a team meeting at the local pub. Once they pass through the first lock they intend to row day and night as the restriction for rowing at night no longer applies
Note: Ocean rower Chris Martin left the crew this morning due to prior commitments in London.
August 29 2006
16:00GMT - From Steven East: (text message from Dom Mee)  Progress slow, morale high!
August 30 2006 - 110 miles from Paris

10:40GMT - Dom Mee informed that  Tom Rendell had to leave due to prior commitments. The rest of the team ( now Team of Three) stopped in Mericourt Dock (110 miles from Paris) to wait for weather

September 1 2006 - P A R I S !!!

At 12:00GMT (14:00 local time) the crew completed their row at the site of the Eiffel Tower. From there they went to the Arch de Triumph and put the wreath on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Aug 29 2006, 15:00GMT

Aug 26 2006, 09:00GMT