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Curtis Lloyd Saville, 1946-2001

photo by Eddie Bohnert

Meeting of the ocean rowers at the Royal Geographical Society. 
London, June 1997.
(Rear L-->R) Sylvia Cook, Sean Crowley, Geoff Allum, Derek King, Mike Nestor. (Front  L-->R), Curtis & Kathleen Saville

It has been 12 years since ocean rower Curtis Lloyd Saville, accomplished explorer and musician died in the Eastern Desert of Egypt while on a solo desert mountain expedition on April 28, 2001. 

Curt and his wife Kathleen McNally Saville successfully completed two major ocean crossing expeditions:  they rowed a 25-foot boat (which they built) across the Atlantic (from Casablanca to Antigua) in 1981 and they rowed the same boat, the Excalibur, across the Pacific Ocean from Peru to Australia in 1984. During these ocean expeditions, Curtis obtained samples of unusual marine surface conditions and photographed marine life. 
Kathleen became the first woman to row the Atlantic and the Savilles - the first and still the only team to row two oceans.

Curtis' other expeditions include exploratory mountaineering along the Virginia Glacier on the South East edge of Baffin Island in the High Arctic.  This was part of the Canadian Polar Continental Shelf Project. 
In addition, Curtis Saville was a French horn player.  Educated a Juilliard School of Music (B.A.) and Yale University (M.F.A.);  he was a Peace Corps Volunteer in La Paz, Bolivia in the 1960's and taught music and writing. 


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