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Colin Yeates. News
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14:45GMT Jan 2006
Simon Dyde, the project coordinator called and confirmed that Colin has been picked up by Police and now they are on route to the nearest farm

13:30GMT  Jan 2006  we got a call from Argos in Toulous,
the Satellite tracking beacon is still transmitting but it started to move and at 13:02GMT it was 5 km from the point where it had been since the alarm was sent. And it is on shore and moving towards Port Stanley. Though we still have no confirmation from Simon, there is a hope that Colin was able to save some belongings, Sat beacons included, and has been found by rescuing Police team.

08:28GMT Jan 2006 From Simon Dyde, the coordinator of the project:
Unfortunately, Colin is back on dry land and his boat is wrecked.
I took a call from him at 2330 GMT to say he had abandoned ship on the northern part of
East Falkland at Cow Bay.  Colin had fought against the local currents but failed to escape for the last 30 hours.  Strong local currents dragged him onto rocks and he spoke to me from the beach, watching his boat being wrecked by the waves. 

I organised a rescue for him by ringing the Falkland Island police station, in Port Stanley.  They spoke to him on the sat phone to try and pin point his position.  Weather was 10 deg, wet and very windy, with less than an hour of daylight left.  As Colin was uninjured, the police arranged for a local farm to send people out to him.   

The plan is to get him down to Port Stanley some time today, so we can talk on the phone, as the sat phone went off the air shortly after midnight and I haven’t been able to talk to him since.

 Just to emphasise, Colin is fine but the boat is wrecked.  

January 2nd 2006. Departure

From the captain of a ship, that towed Colin out of Port Stanley harbour  to start his epic voyage :
” We towed him [Colin] out to the start line of his journey and dropped the tow at 11:15 LT [ 14:15GMT]
at pos 51 39 905 S. 057 42 946 W.
Wind force three SSE with moderate swell from that direction. He was pleased to be on his way and looked confident.”

 Simon Dyde, ACE Ops Co-ordinator

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