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Colin Yeates

a single-handed circumnavigation of Antarctica


My journey, which will begin and end in the Falkland Islands will take ten and a half months and cover a distance of 21,630km, 11,300 in actual miles, the equivalent of travelling the Atlantic Ocean more than three times. It will be the combination of four years planning and preparation by my backup team and myself.

I have time specific aims in coordinating and leading the Antarctic Circumpolar Expedition (ACE). The first is a personal quest, to be the first person in history to row alone and unsupported, (unsupported refers to the fact that all supplies required to complete the circumnavigation will be present onboard on the point of departure. I will neither touch land nor take onboard additional provisions during the ten and a half months at sea) non-stop around the Antarctic. It will be the most difficult and hazardous lone circumnavigation of the globe.

The expedition’s second aim is to collect data on behalf of distinguished scientific bodies, and it is my wish that all data gathered would be used in the study of global warming. This is a very significant, because up to now an insufficiency of data from the Southern Ocean has been available to them. By this I mean accurate working science transferred in real time to the scientific community this I believe would be invaluable when producing a model for the impact of global warming on climate change.

From the Falkland Islands, my route will take me South-East towards Latitudes 60 – 67 degrees, aptly named the screaming sixties, where I will remain for much of the voyage, carried east by the southern circumpolar current.
This region is home to some of the most fertile seas and extremes of weather on the planet. Waves as high as a five storey buildings, ice and freezing fog. Gale force winds and sea and air temperatures that rarely raise above 5 makes rowing there fraught with danger.

Fortunately, these waters are not totally new to me. I spent six years in the Merchant Navy and served under the Royal Navy during the Falklands War. However, although this knowledge and experience will be of enormous value, the key to my success will be my boat and its equipment. The boat has been purpose built for this voyage, by internationally renowned British boat builders, Rossiter Yachts Ltd of Christchurch, Dorset.

Their objective was to design and build a boat that was strong enough to withstand the rigours of the Southern Ocean, big enough to carry in excess of 1600 kg of supplies and equipment and bold enough to row single- handed.

They accomplished this seemingly impossible task by combining radical design with the use of state of the art materials.

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It has been equipped with the most advanced technology available including Argos Beacon Satellite Tracking System which will allow suppliers, family and friends to follow the expedition on the official website: I also hope to set up an email connection with local schools and funds permitting, install a web cam.

This expedition will not only push the boundaries of what is believed possible, but also make a valuable contribution to the study of global warming.

Colin Yeates
Expedition Leader

I would like to thank the following Companies for their generous support:
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