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Emails from Greg Spooner, that explain the course strategy of JRH over the last few days

Courtesy of David Spooner  (Greg's father)

August 7 2006
Hey there,

our wind forecasts are coming true and there is zero danger of us going north for some time. winds are strong out of the north east until tomorrow afternoon, then shifting to the NW. We have a high that moved in right over us, pushing a
cold front over us first, and now that high is hanging out for a while, and will provide these less than perfect wind conditions (unless we were a sailboat) for some time.

slogging away on a pleasant day,


August 6 2006

Here's a wind/progress update and some words about them...

After writing you guys yesterday to update you about the wind system that's coming (which we should get between 6am-noon tomorrow and last a few days), it really got me thinking, and actually made me a little anxious. It's tough being out here at times knowing that you all are in town, around town, or on your way in (Angie) to see the finish. What's more, you may have been there for some time. It's easy in my position to want to pull my ass off even harder just to get the boat in that much sooner. Unfortunately I can't just pull harder and make it happen. One, I'll lose more than the 30 or so pounds I've probably shed from my frame already, and two, the weather just won't have it. The ocean will let us pass when it deems necessary.

So, you guys have been wonderful, and I know and appreciate that you have not rushed me and asked me for predictions etc on landing and finishing etc. This may just be me wanting to make sure I can please you guys and show you a good time and give you a good finish, and I certainly plan on doing that. Please know though that it will be at least 5 more days... hopefully 5-7, but the last time somebody predicted a big finish, we were supposed to be in Falmouth by day 48.

We've made great progress north yesterday and today, and the moment the wind shifts against us, we're going to bee-line it for the finish, and on to Falmouth. Any talk of us going anywhere else like Land's End or another port is out of the question... we'll see you with brownies!


August 5 2006

Hey boys and girls,

letting you know that there is a stiff headwind forecasted to begin blowing around the 7th or 8th and wants to keep us from England. We're heading more north right now to get as high as possible... like near the top of the finish line, so that when the wind does start to blow in, we can go south-east and try to skirt through even with the wind. the next order of business will be getting to mainland. If it persists as long as early estimates say (the 14th), there is a remote possibility that we'd make landfall in Land's End, as at that point, once we've finished, the only record left to set is to make landfall in MAINLAND UK - meaning anywhere. That's a ways off though and we'll know more over the next couple days. Keep in mind though that this is still a very remote possibility for land's end and we still plan on hitting Falmouth as our first port of arrival.

Seeing you soon,