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Thomas & Cath Herbert

Photo credit to Rob Hamill 

Sat, 17 Nov 2001 20:17:34 -0400

Photo of Telecom Challenge Maui taken today 30 miles East of North Point of Barbados around 3 pm local time. Sea was very calm with East wind of about 5 knots. Steve and Matt were in fine spirits and said that they expected to arrive at Port St Charles in about 12 hours. They had just eaten what was their last meal and so are specially looking forward to some fruit and a good meal in the morning. They have been very frustrated by the light winds which have made their progress much slower than in the early part of the race.

Matt has grown a full beard but says that he won't have it for long after arrival in Barbados.
Rob Hamill was aboard "Black Gold" together with family of the crew of the Australian boat,Freedom, who are close on the heels of the New Zealanders.

Rob Hamill said, "It was great to see the guys looking fit, healthy and in good spirits. They are disappointed that they won't break the record but are rapt that they met the team's first priority of defending the title." Hamill went on to say "the team will dedicate the victory to the late Phil Stubbs. And in some ways it was nice that the record has remained intact and keep his name in a place of honour."

The Prime Minister is expected to present the winner's trophy to Matt and Steve at Port St. Charles tomorrow at 10 am and the public is invited to attend. Entry to the Breakwater, where the impromptu ceremony will take place, is via the gate closest to Six Men's Beach. 

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