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Ward Evans Atlantic Rowing Challenge Safety vessels & crew


Safety vessel - Challenge Business #47

  • 72' ex-BT Global Challenge 2000-01 race yacht.

  • Since being launched in the spring of 2000 the yacht has sailed over 48,900 miles.

  • Since starting safety cover for the WEARC Challenge #47 has sailed over 11,000 miles, recorded 1134 engine hours, 3157 generator hours and 754 watermaker hours.

  • By the time the yacht returns to the UK it is estimated it will have sailed over 16,500 miles since starting safety cover for the WEARC.


  • Skipper - Lin Parker (Ocean Yachtmaster)

  • Lin was the Skipper of Challenge yacht #38 (sponsored by the Isle of Man) in the BT Global Challenge 2000-01, 'The Worlds Toughest Yacht Race'. Lin also skippered a Challenge yacht to Spitsbergen in the Arctic Circle undertaking Challenge Adventure Sailing voyages, which saw her sail to 84 North.

  • First Mate - John Farndell (Ocean Yachtmaster)

  • Sian MacFadyen (Qualified nurse and WEARC medic)

  • Gavin MacFadyen (participated in the BT Global Challenge 2000-01)

  • Ben Davies (Offshore Yachtmaster)


Safety vessel - Challenge Business #24

  • 67' ex British Steel Global Challenge 1992-3 and BT Global Challenge 1996-7 race yacht.

  • Since being launched in 1992 the yacht has sailed approximately 150,000 miles. 

  • #24 has sailed around the world twice and has also sailed as far north as 84 when undertaking Challenge Adventure Sailing voyages to Spitsbergen in the Arctic Circle. The yacht also acted as a safety vessel in the 1997 Atlantic Rowing Race. 

  • The yacht lost its mast approximately 200 miles from Barbados while carrying out safety vessel duties. The conditions were not severe and the failure is being blamed on a failed deck fitting. Thankfully nobody was injured in the incident. It is anticipated the yacht will be shipped back to the UK for repair.


  • Skipper - John Crawford (Ocean Yachtmaster). 
    John has worked for Challenge Business for the past 3 years and spent 14 months on the East Coast of the USA training amateur crew for the BT Global Challenge.

  • First Mate - Rachel Dickinson (Offshore Yachtmaster) Rachel took over from Richard Lloyd-Williams, who returned to the UK on 11 December.

  • Neil Lynall (Offshore Yachtmaster)

  • Jane Edwards (Offshore Yachtmaster)

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