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Message from Roger Gould 24/12/01

My rowing partner, Charlie Street and I, completed the first race in 1997. 

We would appreciate it if you could convey the following message to those still out there taking part in this race. In the dark of the night, when it seems there is still so far to go, just think of the distance you've already covered, and about all those who have finished already. You are as good as those people and deserve to find that finishing line too. Enjoy the experience of being there. It WILL stay with you all for the rest of your lives as you will probably not do it again. Enjoy it, because you had to work so hard to get the money together for the event in the first place - no-one knows how much heart ache went into raising the money. Just thank Ward Evans for being so gracious to stand up for you in Tenerife when things got so difficult with you know who... 

. . . Without such a bold and gracious sponsor, the event would have failed! Thanks to you all for keeping the race alivce for so long! I mean that in the kindest way. Roger Gould & Charlie Street, Atlantic Rowers, 1997, Boat 12, Sam Deacon.Please convey heartfelt congratulations to the crew of The George Geary on completing the crossing (for Graham AGAIN)! 

Graham. Charlie and I will raise ANOTHER glass to you and your partner during the festive period. Well done again Graham. Keith sends his love too!! Roger Gould & Charlie Street, Bopat 12, Sam Deacon Atlantic Rowers 1297. 

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