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The first Atlantic crossing from East to West was John Fairfax solo row from Canary Islands to Florida, USA in 1969. 

Then on January 12 1971 Allum cousins left Las Palmas headed for America, but as they only had 55 gallons of water on board at the time of departure it soon became obvious to them they would never reach America with this amount of water so they headed for Barbados

The rowing boat and her crew had travelled to the islands by the cargo ship. The first 3 days of the voyage were fairly calm. And on the third day the B. P. tanker "British Oak" was sighted. There then fallowed three weeks of very rough weather. During the fourth week at sea the first shark was seen and from then on they followed the QE3 day and night. Often rubbing along the side of the boat. The last half of the voyage was fairly calm but hot. And the cousins had to ration drinking water at one stage having only 3/4 of a pint each per day. Landfall was maid at the US naval facility at Harrison Point, Barbados. Both rowers had lost a lot of weight due to dehydration.

The first boat to cross the Atlantic E-W with the crew of two was QE3. 

Lenght 19' 3''  Width 5' 3''  Water carried 55 gallons. 

There were 5 boats built at Bradford Boat Services, Bradford, Yorkshire. 

The first was built for Ridgway and Blyth row and had no cabin. 
The second for Tom McLean's first solo row and the cabin was added for his second solo row. 
The third for Sidney Genders row was built with a cabin.
The fourth without a cabin for the Allum cousins double row to Barbados. The cabin was added for the nex 3 trips.
And the fifth for the Arthur Hornby's solo row. The row was abandoned after 3 days.

Each boat was sold for £250.












Don Allum




January 12 1971

March 26 1971


Las Palmas (Tenerife 
Canary Islands)
(West Indies)
Geoff Allum

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