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On March 4th 2005 Kenneth F.Crutchlow visited the grave of Anders Svedlund at Mangere Cemetery in Auckland, New Zealand, to pay respects to two-time oceanrower.

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Photos by Graeme Cummins


In 2002 the following was the only mentioning of  Anders Svedlund in press and the only photos , that we (ORS) did have in our archive




There's a long hard voyage ahead for 43-year-old former housepainter Anders Svedlund from Sweden. He is preparing to row his 21-foot glass fibre boat from North Freemantle, Australia, across The Indian Ocean to Africa. Anders, a naturalised New Zealander, is carrying plenty of spare oars in case he loses one or more on route.

This cut is from a newspaper circa 1971. The name and the date are unknown.

Kalbarri W.A., May 11, 2002

This morning I met Ted King (now 80 years old). Ted lived in Kalbarri in 1971 when Anders Svedlund arrived .Ted told me that he remembers being told (in 1971) that an oceanrower had been swept ashore after starting his oceanrow somewhere south of Kalbarri. Ted has some photos of Anders boat.

Anders stayed between 7-10 days and then was towed by a cray fisherman named Ernie Crocos to a position north of Kalbarri in the hopes of catching the current toward Africa, The record shows that Anders did arrive in Madagascar, it is not yet certain exactly how long the row took Anders. ORS will continue to research this.

Kenneth F. Crutchlow


Anders Svedlund's boat "Roslagen" in Kalbarri, WA

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