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It is thought the men spent up to 12 hours 
on top of their capsized vessel

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May, 18, 2002

Dear Simon and Bill:

I am not a church going man but when Kenneth Crutchlow got word yesterday that your EPIRB had gone off I said some prayers. My wife and I wish you both well, the main thing is that you are safely ashore. And you are alive for future adventures. God speed and safe journey home.

with respect,Tom and Sveta Lynch
American Director Ocean Rowing Society
Guerneville, California

Hi Kenneth
Sorry to hear about the boys in Oz, lastsed less than my
adventure!!! I know just how it feels yet without the loss of the boat.
Send them my condolences.

Richard Wood
Atlantic Rowing Race 2001

(Richard Wood was rescued one week after the start of the ARR2001.. KFC)

Dear Kenneth,

Please pass on my condolences to Simon and Bill, very pleased that they are safe and well. True adventurers are marked by how they bounce back from not getting there the first time round, I know only too well.
Boys have some beers, relax and get planning for the next one!!
Kind Regards
Dom Mee
Pacific Row with Tim Welford 2000

(Dom Mee and Tim Welford were rescued at sea after being run over by a fishing boat in the Pacific..KFC))

To Simon and Bill, 

The Sea Gods had other plans for you this week. Stay focused and your time will come again. It took three tries including a fire and unfortunate weather before I made Hawaii on my first leg. Steady on. 

Mick Bird 
California to Indonesia 


Here we are in Weymouth celebrating Grandpa's 80th Birthday! We are glad
that you are safe and well!

Love and Best Wishes from

Dad and Chris
Karen, Andy, Sam and Thomas
Peter, Sheila, Tim, Fiona, Hannah and Rik Brown
Jason, Kerree, Josh, Oli and Milly.
Stephen and Helen

Take care and we look forward to seeing you in the near future!

Take Care

Glad that you have both been picked up safe and well. 
We will see you back in the UK or perhaps CANADA, and have a pint.
All the best,Nige Morris(mo)

Dear Simon and Bill 

I am very disappointed for you both. To have put so much planning and organisation into another great adventure only for this to happen must be gut wrenching. For what it is worth I kind of know how you feel!! At the end of the day it is another experience that will make you all the richer. There may well be the knockers out there who say you perhaps should not have attempted the challenge. If so don't listen the such nonsense. If someone or something knocks you down get back up again. If they knock you over again get right back up. If you keep getting up off the floor you can't lose. 

All very best to you. Good on ya. 

Rob Hamill

Bad luck guys - glad you are safe and well.
There were a few worried people over here before the Aussies found you!
Getting to the start is half the battle - good luck on your next attempt.

Jim Shekhdar

Dear Bill, 

U sure it wasn't the Holsten Pils crates u ran into? 

Spider & Martin 

Hi Simon and Billy 

We are all SO glad and relieved that you are both OK. We've been really worried about you, it was no mean feat what you two have done already and we're all proud of you both. We know there's going to be a next time which you will face with the same dogged determination and WILL win through at the end of the day. 

Thinking of you both and see you for a few beers when you get back. I'll have a drink to you at work tonight at Route 66. 

In the meantime, take care. 

See you soon, love, Dave, Nat and kids and Dukey Boy!

Hi mate

Sorry to see your gallant attempt go belly up for you, try again, it's not like you to be beaten!!

Imagine my surprise seeing you on the national news!! it's been a few years since we worked together. (in the Portsmouth night clubs)

Best wishes

Paul Dixon

To Simon and Bill,

Guys, I have been following your progress from the luxury of my desk at work since Wednesday, and was gutted for you both when I read in the paper on the tube this morning about the disaster. Very glad to hear you are both OK and back on dry land. The hard work of all the preparation and planning and the thought of losing the boat makes it all the more painful. But ocean rowers are not the kind of people that give in to adversity and I am sure you will be back with a vengeance. Well done for starting and good luck for the next one!

Tim Humfrey

To Simon and Bill,

Sorry to hear about your bad luck and I hope it doesn't deter you from trying again.

Best wishes
Andrew Halsey

Hi Simon & Bill

I have been following your progress on the website since I dealt with your cargo release as it's interesting to know that we do help real people in this business!

I was really hoping you'd do it. Sorry to hear that you had such bad luck.

Am pleased to hear that you're both ok.

Keep trying!

Best wishes & good luck for the future


@ Maersk Sealand

Simon and Billy,
I was heart broken that all your hard work and determination wasn't rewarded but releived that you are both safe and well. I wont tell you not to let this one get you down because i know you wont let that happen. Soon enough, Simon will be sat down with a ciggy and his bits of paper planning the next expedition!
I will see you when you get back to Devon, until then stay safe and enjoy the sunshine.
Love Lorna

Chalky & Bill

You gave us all a fright when we heard that your EPIRB had been set off, you upset my training regime for 24hrs. But Glad you managed to get safely back to dry land. I know how determined you were to do this crossing and I know you will already be planning the next attempt. I hope you can make it across to Canada so we can share a few beers and give the old boat a proper send off and drink a toast to the Skandia Atlantic Spirit.

You can get me a half a beer and we'll call it quits for my half of the boat.

"Better to live one day as a Tiger than every day as a sheep"

All the best boys speak soon.

George Rock

Tough luck gents, But I guess it wouldn't be the challenge it is if we all achieved everything first go round. You're safe and ready to fight another day with a new boat and a few more lessons learnt. Chalky, best you get yourself to the Atlantic Rowers Party on the 8th in Southampton and tell us what happened. Stick with it 

Tim Welford

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