The ORS Int. is the official adjudicator of ocean rowing records for Guinness World Records



   Fourth Black-Tie Dinner  of Oceanrowers
held on Saturday, May 31st 2008
The Cavalry and Guards Club


Dinner and Presentation of Guinness Certificates

Photos by Dmitry Rezvoy and Tatiana Rezva-Crutchlow

Leven Brown, Captain of the record breaking La Mondiale
is reading a message of congratulation from the Captain of ORCA Roy Finlay:

" When designing and building Orca the factors of a winning equation were the usual power to weight ratios , route, weather and crew
 I omitted to consider the abilities of Capt Broon who ultimately proved to be the better skipper on the day  , congratulations to Leven and to the crew of La Mondiale........ not many appreciate the effort required to beat Orca .
 Interestingly it was Canadian fighter pilot Roy Brown that ultimately caused the demise of the Red Baron. Still trying to work out the relevance to Ocean Rowing , I will ponder that one at home wishing I was with you all enjoying a few cocktails which I am allegedly very good at, I'm sure Leven will enjoy a few rums on my behalf, actually I know he will ! 
Thanks to our sponsors and to our co/designer Jim Antrim.
Thank you to the ORS for their unwavering support and to the people at Guinness samples to Roy Finlay Shelter Island New York Thanks !
PS my nomination for ocean rower of the year is ME."
Regards Roy

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