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Richard Jones Atlantic Solo Row

blueboat.jpg (41338 bytes) Richard Jones of Utah is attempting to be the first American to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean. At 55 years old he will  be the oldest person ever to row an ocean and the first to row the Atlantic from East to West - continent to continent.

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An account of the decision to abort the 1998 Atlantic solo rowing  trip.
                                            by Richard Jones

News!!  (click here).. Sept 27 Richard Jones has beat a hasty retreat from three approaching Hurricanes-Ivan, Jeanne and Karl. Discretion is the better part of valor. Richard left the 23rd of September and has been fighting unfavorable winds and currents since his departure. Today Richard was aware Hurricane Ivan was about to slam him into the coast of Portugal and was able to contact an English vessel that gave him a tow in to Lisbon. He has been through some rough seas but he is well and in safe harbor. More as soon as we get word.         Meanwhile we are starting a "guestbook" for people to send messages of encouragement to Richard. Please send e-mails of support to and we will post them on the website and forward them on to Richard.

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Sept 24 Richard left Wednesday, Sept, 23 at 6:34a.m. He began his journey from Doca be Lem, Lisbon, Portugal beneath the base of a statue of Henry the Navigator; a traditional base of departure for historic voyages. At last report Richard had made about 20 miles progress along the bay toward Cascais, Portugal. Weather was raining and as always the task is to get as far away from shore as quick as possible. Bon Voyage and safe journey Richard!!!

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