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Richard Jones Atlantic Solo Row

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Facts and Profile of Richard Jones Atlantic Solo Row

Sponsored by World Wide River Expeditions (click here for more info)

     Richard Jones from Utah is attempting to be the first American to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean from Lisbon, Portugal to Miami, Florida. Upon his success he will also be the oldest person to ever row an ocean solo (55) and the first to row East to West - continent to continent.


A solo crossing of the North Atlantic Ocean from Lisbon,
Portugal to Miami, Florida. (Atlantic East to West)
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Length of Voyage 180-240 days estimated duration
Distance: 3612 nautical miles -4157 statue miles -6690 km

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Global Perspective (click image)


Rower:   Richard Jones
Date of Birth:  9 July 1943
Age:  55
Occupation:   Tour Operator, Specialising in River Rafting
Family:  4 Children

Achievement: At the age of 50 he spent three years riding his bicycle
across America starting with his back wheel in the Pacific and on arrival
with his front wheel in the Atlantic. He has been likened to 'Indiana Jones'
for his many journeys across several mountains and plains.

Richard Kimball Jones was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1943. He spent most of his
life in Salt Lake City, Utah. He graduated from Granite High School in 1961
where he played football and sang in the a cappella choir. He has taken a baseball
cap with the school colours (red and blue) and the name of Granite on it with him on the row.

He joined the Utah Army National Guard Special Forces while still a senior
in High school. After Army basic training he served a 30-month mission for the Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Bavaria, West Germany 1963-65.
He graduated from Brigham Young University (BYU) in archaeology in the
early 1970s and has travelled extensively in Mexico and Central America
investigating possible sites mentioned in the Latter Day Saints Church's
Book of Mormon.

Since his first year of high school he has worked in the recreation
industry as a river runner and guide. Together with his wife, Shirley, he
started World Wide River Expeditions about 27 years ago, outfitting trips in Utah
and Idaho and headquartered in Moab, Utah.

Richard is a solitary man who enjoys the company of friends and family but
who can be quite comfortable for long periods of time alone. He is quietly
tenacious and a stickler for details. His thirst for adventure combines with
these other suitable traits to place him on the Atlantic for 6-8 months.

(above profile of Richard is from his friend Richard C. Russell )

Ocean Rowing Boat

Name : The Brother of Jared
Specification: Length Overall 27 feet
Width: 4 feet
Boat Weight (empty) 1100 pounds
Displacement (loaded) 2200 pounds
Designer: Nick Bailey
Cost: $80,000
(It took three years for the boat to be completed)


Trimble Navigation -- Supplied navigation equipment.

Concept II -- Donated a rowing machine to assist Richard with training for this

Other Sponsors: Many friends and associates have donated funds to
Richard's feat and will have their names on the rowing boat.

Row Tracking Device: Service Argos Largo Maryland Tracking Beacon (TAT 3
Adventure Unit)

Row Tracking:

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