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SMS Messages from Margaret Bowling

4.03  11:20GMT
Battling in a half a knot. Doing everything we can to avoid a tow. Very Hard Work !
04.03   04:49GMT

N13 21.130 W059.476 [North Point] passed at 04:49 GMT. OCEAN CROSSED !

03.03   23:33GMT

Gentle conditions today, mean easy but not so speady approach. We can see the lights of Barbados. Early am ETA.

02.03   19:42GMT

Down to our last few bits of food. ETA sunset tomorrow. Dreaming of food, showers and proper beds...

28.02   03:30GMT

Advice from Sara G is that the approach to Barbados is tough as nails so crew psyching themselves up for what Matt warns us is likely to be toughest bit yet.

28.02   03:25GMT

So a huge dorado being hunted by a shark. Flew through air as it was chased. Pouring blood it desperately tried to shelter by the rudder before being munched !

27.02   19:43GMT

Dorado, sea birds and 30+ dolphin pod all raising spirits despite pushing northerly seas overnight

25.02   07:19GMT

Huge fish have been leaping out of water alongside us all night. Quite a display !

24.02   11:19GMT

Cool and drizzly today. Dreaming of smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels. Mmmmmm.....

22.02   23:13GMT

Having looked at all our snacks we seem to have enough food, so fear of slow death by starvation has gone.

20.02   19:50GMT

Some of the crew just saw a shark chasing dorado. Lucky we finished cleaning last of the barnacles off yesterday !

18.02   20:50GMT

Nice sunny day. Easy conditions for rowing. We are busy preparing surprises and treats for Liz's Birthday to-morrow

17.02   23:38GMT

Boys and girls on my watch rowing on opposite sides. Girls having a dance party. Boys discussing guns n girls

16.02   07:10GMT

We are back rowing through the night now. Only 1000 miles to go!

13.02   21:30GMT

Still wild over here. Whole boat and my shift of rowers were hit by biggest wave yet this avo. We did 16.2 knots surfing it.

12.02   19:26GMT

Massive 30FT crests have been making an appearance today. One swamped rowers up to their chins as boat surfed safely through it.

10.02   11:44GMT

Grey skies with confused seas and cresting waves as far as the eye can see.

07.02   00:51GMT

We were able to row during the day today but with storm systems all around us and very confused seas we are back in the cabin overnight

07.02   00:51GMT

Skies remain grey and stormy. Water foaming all around us. Constantly being soaked by rogue waves. Too dangerous to row at night in these conditions, so we continue to rest and run a couple of person watch system from sunset to sunrise.

04.02   09:53GMT

Pleased to announce that we are now looking for 16 women to join the crew of Big Blue in December 2011 with the aim of smashing the women's Atlantic speed record

04.02   09:42GMT
Still in f*rty cabin like a tin of old sardines. Waves crashing around us make it like a washing machine in here

One thing we are very glad of is that after such dreadful luck with weather to begin with, Big Blue is finally proving herself

02.02   21:12GMT
Waves so big we stopped rowing 24 hours ago. Up to 20ft cresting swells with winds gusting 35 knots ! Wild and stormy. Autohelm surfing for us.
01.02   10:53GMT
Waves have picked up. Much more fun to row through. Some of crew running a snack bag, hocking shop with treasured items being traded left right and centre
01.02   00:07GMT
Finally plugged in Barbados as next waypoint on the GPS. We are headed West ! We may be a bit late is all...[message ends]
30.01   22:17GMT
Stuck in the doldrums. Water flat as a lake. Incredible phosphorescence tonight. Whole crew blown away. Magic rowing, albeit very slow !
29.01   10:26GMT
At night we got stuck in SW wind and were forced to deploy para anchor for 6 hours overnight. Now sea is still, no help from the wind, it's just technical rowing at 1 knot.
27.01   22:09GMT
We have changed course and now going W instead of SW. Cleaned hull in mirror like conditions today.
27.01   10:44GMT
Still slow going. Hardly any wind and what there is - from the North. Morale dipping. Still so close to Africa !
We pulled up sea-anchor last night. Making some ground South but no West
After huge fight to maintain 1 knot SW overnight, we lost at midday and started drifting East. On sea anchor now.
Conditions still. Crew itching for big swells and Trades, so we can kick it up a gear.
Fighting conditions all day. Wind changed now, so hope for good progress.
Great first day !


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