Belgium Ocean Rower Rescued at Sea--Dec, 13




To Tom Lynch
Webmaster of Ocean Rowing Society.
From Kenneth F. Crutchlow

     Sunday Dec 06th at noon Arnaud Guiot of Belgium left the Grand
Canaria port of Agaete bound for Barbados in his ocean rowboat KOLOSS.
(formerly Hannah Snell).
According to Joseph LeGuen who said "I spoke by sat phone to Arnaud
yesterday (Dec 12th) at around 5.30pm he said he was very tired and he had
winds of 25 knots and 8 foot seas. he also said "I am disappointed by the
condition" Joseph suggested "you should wait 24 hours, take a rest and see
how it is tomorrow" However it is now clear that Guiot activated his
emergency beacon after talking to Joseph and as a result of this transmision
a helicopter was dispatched and picked him up lifting him from his
oceanrowboat during the morning of Dec 13th as of this writing Arnaud is
safe and well in the helicopter bound for Grand Canaria. The KOLOSS was
left at sea.

Joseph added "people forget the reality that hour by hour they have to be at
sea it is not at all easy to row an ocean"

Departure from 28.10N 15,45W noon Dec 06th
pick up 26.46 19.14W (location of emergency signal)

note from webmaster
since March 1998 there have been 7 departures by solo rowers in a rowboat
none have completed an ocean crossing