The ORS Int. is the official adjudicator of ocean rowing records for Guinness World Records


Artemis Investments 2010
Rendezvous at Sea with Queen Mary 2
approx 530 miles West of the Scilly Isles at 1150 GMT 24th July 2010

Photos courtesy of  Nick Bates
Queen Mary 2

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Message from QM2 from a friend and supporter of Ocean Row Events:
The fog stayed but it was wonderful to see the rowing boat coming through. They stopped as we got close and we very slowly travelled past them. The decks were full of people cheering and clapping, 3 cheers etc. We got fairly close, the rescue craft was deployed with photographers and I had my team out with cameras. I will send them over to you this afternoon. Ray was broadcast over the tannoy to all the guests. I saw all four of crew from the bridge, they all looked good and cheery. Sadly I didn't get to speak to them but I sounded the ships horn in salute.


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