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 Solo kiting on the Pacific

From San Francisco to the French Polynesian Islands

2008:  Anne Quéméré’s new challenge


The only woman to row across the Atlantic Ocean in both directions on the Southern and Northern routes and on a third occasion, again kiting solo the Atlantic from New York to France.

This time, Anne Quéméré will challenge the Pacific Ocean over 7000 kilometres.


She will kite from San Francisco to the French Polynesian Islands, crossing from the Northern to the Southern hemisphere and Equator’s infamous “doldrums” also known as the Intertropical Convergence Zone.


Anne Quéméré’s determination, courage and perseverance have been well established by her three previous crossings of the Atlantic Ocean.

2008 will be the year of yet a more demanding challenge and sports event.  She will establish a new route for kite sailing on an ocean which bears but a peaceful name.


Three objectives arise from this new challenge:

        ·         Update technological innovations : the challenge will be a wonderful occasion to collect scientific data

·         Selflessness, imagination and feelings will be highlighted.  These methods will allow everyone to follow in true time this undoubtedly trying adventure

·         The challenge will concentrate on the development of renewable energy


Anne Quéméré or a lifetime on the oceans


Born in Quimper of the Finistère region (France), Anne Quéméré is still the only woman to have rowed solo and without assistance across the Atlantic Ocean both ways.  She completed these feats by rowing the Trade Winds and then the Northern routes.


During the summer of 2006, Anne Quéméré succeeded a yet unseen method of crossing the Atlantic Ocean.  She set out from New York, heading to Ouessant (France), again sailing solo and without assistance, relying on the Oceankite, a five metre prototype propelled by kites.

This was a World’s first.


The goal of this challenge was to prove it could be done and it was!

Important technical considerations were surmounted, yet there are numerous improvements to be carried out (mastering the sailing techniques, the weather, speed and complex manoeuvring of the kites themselves).


The adventure had to continue…

With the experience she gathered with the 2006 Atlantic Challenge, both from human and technical standpoints, Anne Quéméré wanted more answers for this new type of sailing.


Again partnering with Anne, the “Conseil Régional” of Brittany recalls that :”The spirit of adventure, courage and determination are valued by our people as they help build the image of a dynamic Brittany”.

The Naish Corporation again will provide technical support as it had done during the 2006 Challenge.



If the Challenge is well seated in all its technical aspects, Anne Quéméré would like to attract more partners in order to share this adventure with a greater number of people.


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