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News from the route

The following text is via computer translation program, so expect some minor inaccuracies.
For original text in French go to http://www.antreizh.org/fr_lejournal.asp

December 30 Breton weather
 The drizzle is similar to this of Breton weather, which we know well.  Up to 2 am this morning the winds were of south. Then - nothing more. So Anne removed the drift anchor and up to 5 hours, hour of which she fell asleep with the oars, she rowed unceasingly. At 7:00am the winds came from east, then - from south, then from south-east, before returning southern, then east, then south-east. In a word -"no weather", as Anne said.  The mangos bought on the market of San Sйbastian are excellent, on the other hand the oranges are spoilt too quickly. But what Anne did appreciate, these are all the chocolates that she had been offered for Christmas. A small excess which for a few hours left before the New Year, is forgiven to her.

At 21. 30 GMT Anne reveille in start. An enormous Cargo liner sinks on The Connetable. Anne puts her flash light and attents, the fear in the belly. She can do nothing . We remain in satellite communication with her. Ouf, fires of the unidentified ship moved away. Anne still has her heart beating wildly. She does not dare yet to go out rowing. She will open a can of sardines (those with tomato), will crunch two melba toasts and will devour a pot of Nutella. And then to look after the tendinitis which appear to cause a problem in one her knees.



December 29 Covered sky
 The rhythm is  the same , under a covered sky and a wind of south-east. Anne was rowing from 2 to 5 am in the morning, before going to have a nap for two small hours. This evening the sun set down behind large black clouds. It will rain this night and if it did not make also frisquet, Anne would benefit from it to take a shower. Marc announced for Wednesday a wind of south. Also after having spent 12 hours today rowing, The Sardine will make a break  to get clear from these bloody winds. She will rest under drift anchor when the wind of south comes to tickle her face . The large chart , on which she marks her course, makes her giddy, so much these the first three days are tiny points in the vastness of the Atlantic.  Send her e-mails, raise her morale up!!!


December 28 Quiet night.
This morning Anne has wind of force 4, large cross swell East/West. The sky is full of clouds and sends down heavy showers which force Anne to escape in the cockpit. The Constable is surfing every moment along the formed waves, enabling to foresee a good day of navigation. Anne thinks of being descended too much to the west, and insofar as the wind is today from the East, Anne will still try to take again her course gently. 

At 11:00 GMT Anne has wind of force 5. The swell is very hollow, and the waves pass over Connetable. Anne does not manage to make the course which she wishes, and wonders how the others made. Definitely this crossing does not seem to be part of pleasure. 

18h00 GMT The East wind is weakening at the end of the day. Strong sea, agitated by crossing swells from both West and East. At night this swell must calm down .
Ann rowed 16 hours out of 24, taking primarily just coffee and cereal bars. She spent her day in a muddle of impressions and emotions. An euphoria which made way to discouragement, and then - to a new euphoria again. As if all directions of her feelings were awakening. Anne's hands are sore a little , but she takes care of them immediately. A small rest, then a new night rowing untill the early morning when she will sleep again.


December 27 1 day and 8 hours at sea.
The winds this evening turned northern. The time of the communication, so Anne was not rowing. The Connetable was drifting on her own on speed more than 1 knot. The ferries being left far behind, Anne will be able to sleep quiet tonight, with her earplugs which will release her from hearing endless noise of the stem of rudder which taps regularly in the swell coming from the West, against the hull of the boat.(Merci Boris!!!)
It will be rather a short sleep since she intends to row a good part of the night - she definitely has learnt the lesson of how to leave the Canarian Islands. Especially as all this way she has already done once and now that weighs on her a little. Anne well felt it where she had made half-turn, to have finally the impression to have really left.

The Home Page is operational again. You can obtain more detailed information on (33) 02 98 53 13 60, or (33)06 09 39 94 11. And especially do not hesitate to send e-mails to Anne via the heading contact of her site. 


December 26 New departure.
At 13:13 GMT Anne left the port of San Sebastian of La Gomera, without assistance under her own power - on oars. Many friends had come to support her for this new departure that Anne was standing by for a few days.
When she arrived at the southern point of the island, the winds unfortunately turned Western. The Connetable was quickly carried by a strong swell and a wind of force 3/4.
While rowing in the evening, with the strong current under the Connetable, Anne saw two large ferrys. In the middle of this road Anne could not put the drift anchor, and thus stayed rowing to try to move away.
At 5:00 GMT this Friday morning, Anne decided to sleep. She is with 27.47W and 17.07N, well West from her course (you will see the detail of her progression on http://www.oceanrowing.com/AnneQuemere_restart/dist_map.htm).
She takes her evil patiently and hopes to find winds from North at the end of the day, once she passes the course of Tenerife. Definately it does not seem easy to leave these islands, and Anne curses these conditions which are going to make her lose some days.


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