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Regarding the water maker on board Le Shark Brittany Rose (log of January 1st 2003): 

The water maker was hand carried prior to departure from London to Minnesota USA (at Ocean Rowing Society's expense) and the marketing manager wrote the following to Andrew:

Hello Andrew

Kenneth is here with me in my office, and we just had our repair team go over the water maker. We replaced the plunger rod and all the seals, and it is now meeting the specifications for brand new units, We are also sending along a hand held 35 as a back up along with some spare parts for your 40E. You should be in good shape water maker wise.

Best of luck to you, and I wish you safe travels

Nate Mueller
Marine Product Manager
Katadyn North America.

When I was in Peru I advised Andrew to install and test the water maker prior to departure, and he said
"I must go now, I will install the water maker at sea". Up till now all ocean rowers have installed and tested their water maker before departure, I would say there is more likely something wrong with the installation than with the water maker.

It is unknown to me why Andrew was in such a hurry to leave Peru, and why he did not install and test
his water maker prior to his departure. The consequence may well be that he will have to rely on the hand pump water maker given him by Katadyn.

Kenneth F. Crutchlow
ORS Executive Director

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